Emil Khudyev

Emil Khudyev: Making Music for an Online Audience

Emil Khudyev plays Pagina d'album by Michele Mangani

Emil Khudyev, current MBA student
Associate Principal Clarinetist
Seattle Symphony

Emil Khudyev portraitHow was your industry impacted and how will it transform?

COVID-19 has impacted the performing arts drastically. It is so sad to see major opera companies, symphonies, theaters, canceling their entire seasons. Even though this has been heartbreaking, I believe that in the long run performing arts will come back even stronger.

The arts in general should serve as a reflection of the world and beyond. In America, it should strive towards more diversity and collaboration. Arts organizations must build a strong relationship with communities to be able to reach sustainability. Acquiring the right tools to communicate and inspire will result in a meaningful reconstruction of the arts in the US.

How has this transformed you?

This made me realize the importance of the arts. This is why I decided to pursue my MBA. I would like to combine my MBA knowledge to restructure the arts culture in the US.

What did you think would never go away that did go away?

I never thought that I would play a concert for an empty hall and have the entire audience online.

Do you see any opportunities in this brave new world?

This is the best time to reshape the arts scene in this country. I see that people are so hungry for the arts and want to do all they can to bring it back.

I would start with the youth. The meaning of the arts, its depth and understanding, once distilled in a young person serves as a gateway to sustainable success.

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