2022-2023 Officer Board Profiles

Meet our 2022-2023 Officer Board! 

Aaliayah An, President

3 Words to Describe Me: Motivational, Analytical, Dedicated

Why BAP?

I become a member of BAP in order to network with other accounting students and professionals. Developing strong relationships with everyone I meet. By joining in BAP, I hoped to grow as an individual as well as in my career. BAP has connected me to many fantastic people, particularly professionals who were eager to discuss my interest in accounting. With the help of BAP, I was able to secure an internship at Andersen.


Kaitylyn Au, VP of Community Service
Accounting & Business Analytics 

3 Words to Describe Me: Caring, Easygoing, Reliable

Why BAP? 

I chose BAP because of the opportunities for professional development, to build my network, and to be exposed to more career opportunities in the business world. BAP has helped me to get more involved in the community and gave me the opportunity to expand my professional network through exposure to different companies through our weekly meetings.


Veng Leap Chan, VP of Reporting 
Business Analytics & Computer Science 

3 Words to Describe Me: Adaptive, Empathetic, Authentic

Why BAP? 

I chose BAP because I wanted to meet like-minded business professionals in the field of accounting, finance, and business analytics. BAP has allowed me to grow as a young business professional through our personal and professional development programs.

Joey Uy, VP of Membership
Actuarial Mathematics

3 Words to Describe Me: Opportunistic, Adventurous, Positive

Why BAP? 

BAP helps me gain exposure to the Finance industry and lets me meet many peers and alumni with inspiring stories and a strong drives to succeed. BAP has taught me how to act around professionals and how to leave a good impression in networking and career fairs./p>

Niza Gonzales, VP of Programming
Accounting & Management

3 Words to Describe Me: Friendly, Dedicated, Inclusive

Why BAP? 

BAP values align with mine, BAP provides great networking opportunities and new friendships! BAP has helped boost my confidence in a professional sense and continues to help grow those skills.

Greg Oh, VP of Marketing and Competitions
Accounting (MPAC)

3 Words to Describe Me: Approachable, Thoughtful, Ambitious

Why BAP?

I chose BAP to network with accounting and business analyst professionals. BAP helped me make new friends and provided good networking opportunities.