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Unleashing Potential: Diverse Real-World Learning Opportunities at Albers

At the Albers School of Business and Economics, students are offered a rich variety of business-oriented extracurricular activities and programs. These are designed to be pivotal to their personal growth and professional advancement.

One such activity is the Albers Mentor Program, where students can glean valuable insights from seasoned business leaders. The Albers Career Center is another resource, offering career guidance, resume critiques, and organizing career and networking events throughout the year.

Furthermore, the Executive Speakers Series allows students to hear from industry leaders, providing them with a glimpse into real-world business challenges and their solutions. The Undergraduate Leadership Program is an exclusive cohort-based program for 1st and 2nd year students, that concludes with a proposal for change presented to University stake-holders and decision-makers. These activities aim to augment the academic experience with practical, hands-on learning opportunities, equipping students for leadership roles in the business world.

Students also may be able to manage a real-world investment portfolio as part of the Redhawk Fund team, participate in short or long-term Study Abroad opportunities, and assist or collaborate with faculty on research projects, with a chance to win the Albers Faculty-Student Research Collaboration Award.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center organizes various competitions and challenges throughout the year, fostering creativity and innovative problem-solving. The culmination of these events is the Harriet Stephenson Business Plan Competition, which guides students through the process of crafting a business plan for their own startup.

Students are also encouraged to join clubs and organizations that align with their interests, from community service and cultural heritage to professional development and recreation. These activities offer students the chance to connect with like-minded peers, hone their leadership skills, and participate in community service projects.

All these activities contribute to a holistic approach to student engagement, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to discover and develop their talents in a supportive and dynamic environment.

The Albers Undergraduate Leadership Program is a unique opportunity for Albers first and second years to explore theory, analyze cases, and propose solutions.

The program consists of two courses:

BUAD 2820: Leadership Development I

Winter Quarter, 3 credits

Seven in-person meetings to explore leadership theories and cases and identify opportunities for personal leadership development

BUAD 2830: Leadership Development II

Spring Quarter, 2 credits

Four in-person meetings to craft a proposal for real change and a fifth in-person meeting to present that proposal to University stakeholders and decision-makers

Both courses must be taken for credit to be earned. Admission is competitive and enrollment is by invitation only. After completing the series, you’ll enjoy further benefits:

  • Membership in a network of Albers students seeking and holding leadership positions on campus, in business, in their communities, and in athletics
  • Participation in the Albers Mentorship Program to connect you with an industry mentor in your junior year (rather than your senior year)
  • Special recognition at graduation for your leadership contributions to student life

For more information, contact:

Program Director
Bryan Ruppert, PhD
Phone: 206-296-2827


There are three ways in which Albers students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects:


Research Assistant (RA): Students may apply to support faculty in their research each quarter.


Research Independent Study: Students may register for a 3-credit (5-credit for graduate students) course with a faculty member that involves a research product. Research projects are undertaken with the goal of presenting and/or publishing the research in a scholarly outlet. 


Co-authorship: Faculty and students decide they are going to co-author and jointly conduct research and write a research paper together. This process can be initiated by the student or by the faculty member(s).

Albers Faculty-Student Research Collaboration Award

This competitive, monetary award is given each May and recognized at the annual Albers Graduation Celebration, shortly before Commencement. Any completed co-authorship submitted in January is eligible for consideration. The research does not need to be published to qualify for the award.

2024 Award Winners

Bridget Hiedemann and Yuqing "Carol" Xue (BABA 2020) won the Faculty-Student Research Award for their paper with co-author Lisa Brodoff (Seattle University School of Law), “Marriage Equality and Activity Limitations Among Older Adults in Same-Sex Relationships,” accepted for publication in Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Keep an eye on the Albers Executive Speaker Series to find out when our next Speaker event is happening!

You can also listen to previous speakers via the Leadership Playbook Podcast.

Educating for Impact: Fostering Community, Hands-On Learning, Career Development, and Cross-Cultural Insights

Student and Recruiter at Albers Career Fair

Albers Career Center

The Albers Career Center at Seattle University is dedicated to equipping students and alumni with the necessary tools and guidance for successful career paths and job placements. It offers personalized career advising, facilitates networking opportunities, and provides resources for job and internship searches. The center also emphasizes professional development through various workshops and events, fostering a connection between students and the business community.

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Albers Mentor Program

The Albers Mentoring Program is a cornerstone initiative of Seattle University that pairs business students with seasoned industry leaders to foster mentorship and professional growth. Participants engage in regular discussions, gaining insights into the business world and establishing valuable connections. The program, celebrating over three decades, is renowned for its contribution to student success and its role in bridging academia with real-world experience. Albers also offers specialized mentor programs for Accounting and MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management (SEM) students, providing tailored guidance and industry connections specific to these fields.

Mot Mot Presentation at Business Plan Competition

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

Albers' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) is a hub for creative minds, inspiring and cultivating entrepreneurial spirits. The IEC's centerpiece program is the esteemed Harriet Stephenson Business Plan Competition, which challenges students and alumni to develop and present viable business proposals. Other programs sponsored by IEC include:

  • Albers-SJIM Virtual Competition - a global, collaborative social impact business plan competition
  • Jones Idea Challenge - a reverse corporate pitch competition
  • Jones Progress Awards - alumni business accelerator program
  • Family Business Exchange (FBX) - a community forum for owners of PNW family businesses
  • Founder Fridays - fireside chats with SU alumni entrepreneurs
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Albers Student Clubs and Organizations

Albers faculty sponsor a variety of student clubs and organizations, from Beta Alpha Psi (the Accounting club) to Women in Business. Club membership provides social and professional network opportunities, community service projects, and resume enhancement. Most Albers clubs are open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Albers also sponsors the Albers Graduate Student Association, specifically dedicated to enriching the graduate business student experience at Seattle University.

Redhawk Fund Team Members

Redhawk Fund

The Redhawk Fund was established in 2009 so that students could gain hands-on experience managing a real-world investment portfolio. Prospective members must apply for membership, this is a great learning opportunity for students who are interested in equity analysis and portfolio management. 

Images of San Sepolcro, European Union, Guatemala, and Dolomites

Study Abroad

The Seattle University Education Abroad Office oversees study abroad programs. There are opportunities to study abroad for a quarter, semester, or full school year. Most of these programs are aimed at undergraduate students, as there are a very limited number of classes one can take as a graduate student and receive transfer credit.

In addition to Seattle University's long-term study abroad opportunities, Albers offers a number of short-term courses abroad lead by faculty members, and exchange programs. For more information email Albers Education Abroad Advisor, Gerald Corporal.

Albers Study Tour Courses are one- to two-week in-country classes. The groups explore a country or region to learn about the culture and history, but also visit local companies for presentations on international business topics. You will attend pre-departure classes to familiarize you with the country/region you are going to visit and begin your class report, which is due at the end of the course. Upon your return, there is a course briefing.

Albers 2024 Study Tours will be visiting Sansepolcro, Italy, the European Union, Guatemala, and the Italian Dolomites.

Previous Albers Study Tour courses have also visited India, China, Peru, Argentina/Chile, and Hong Kong/Vietnam.