Graduate Student Life

As a graduate student, you’ll develop professional and leadership skills in a global community that prepares you to make a difference and excel in your career.

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Graduate Life Created for Community

Graduate students at Seattle University come from all walks of life. We know that you or a peer could be working full-time with family commitments while taking classes in the evening. You could be drawn to Seattle’s tech industry from abroad and trying to navigate life in the United States. Or maybe, you’re a recent undergraduate working towards your law degree or MBA before starting your career.

No matter what scenario fits your life, all graduate students need support during this academically challenging time.

We’re here to help give you a sense of community at Seattle University and make sure you have all the support you need to be successful here.

Browse Graduate Programs

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Campus Spaces Designed for Your Needs

Even though you’ll most likely live off campus, you’ll find grad student-focused spaces to study and socialize.

The Graduate Students and Adult Learners (GAL) Link is the home for graduate students and adult learners. It’s staffed by current Seattle University students. The GAL offers a comfortable, community space that includes a kitchenette, outdoor patio and a printing and study area.

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ConnectSU: Connect with Other Grad Students

Find and attend events, browse and join organizations, and showcase your involvement by logging onto ConnectSU. There are plenty of organizations who want to connect with graduate students and most of them host both online and in-person events and opportunities to engage with people outside of your educational cohort. Be sure to login to see all that’s available to Seattle University students.

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Learning Commons Partnership: Get Academic Help

Whether you need help organizing a first draft, researching a paper or just some general tutoring, the Learning Commons Partnership is there with the resources you need to get your classwork done. The Billodue Makerspace with our helpful staff and various tools are also available to help you complete physical projects, while our Media Production center offers the tools and training to create multimedia projects.

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Graduate Student Council: Actively Advocating for Grad Life

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a student-run organization on campus. Its mission is to advance services and policies and create a supportive community for graduate and professional students at Seattle University.

GSC hosts events and leadership opportunities for graduate and professional students. This active organization is a great way to connect with other graduate students outside of class and to shape graduate student life at Seattle University.

Hear from Our students

Mackenzie Otterson

Mackenzie Otterson

"I intentionally chose to come to Seattle U for graduate school because of its size., I knew its smaller size meant having more contact with faculty, smaller class sizes, and getting to know my cohort more deeply than I did at my undergraduate institution. I was fortunate to spend the last year working on campus while also getting involved in my graduate program’s orientation sessions and leadership team."

Graduate Student Life: Explore Possibilities

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Campus Connections

From career services to the International Student Center, we have resources to help you navigate every part of graduate student life.

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Graduate Students with Families

Seattle University’s Center for Community Engagement compiles lists of summer camps, free classes and activities and museum passes for the whole family.