Explore Seattle University Leadership, where the commitment to Jesuit education and the holistic development of every student is paramount.

Administration building on a sunny blue sky day

Rooted in Jesuit education's holistic approach, our leaders guide with an equal focus on academic rigor and developing the whole person.

From the Board of Trustees to the Office of the President, Deans, and Faculty and Staff Governance, our community thrives on values that empower and enrich the educational journey.

Explore the diverse individuals and groups shaping our institution and fostering a transformative learning experience.

Board of Trustees

A distinguished body of leaders entrusted with guiding our organization's mission and ensuring its long-term success, oversees the strategic direction and governance of Seattle University.

Board of Trustees

Councils and Committees

Academic Assembly

The Academic Assembly is the elected body through which the faculty participates in decisions involving university-wide academic matters, including student learning and success.

Staff Council

The Staff Council advocates on behalf of staff and make recommendations to University leadership.

Board of Regents

The Board of Regents advises the university president and acts as ambassadors to the campus community and beyond.