Your Home Away From Home

Seattle University’s International Student Center (ISC) is the home away from home for our diverse international campus population. Our center is the main resource for creating a bridge between U.S. and international students. For our faculty and staff, we offer tools for supporting our international students’ academic, social, cultural, emotional and spiritual pathways. Celebrating our international student population provides vital perspectives that broaden the entire university’s cultural and global awareness as we all seek to promote equity and social justice within and between nations.

On this page, you will find information about the services our office provides to support international students. We offer resources for a variety of immigration-related issues to ensure our students remain in compliance with federal policy and law within the United States Customs and Immigration Services.

Please contact our staff with any questions you may have. We’re here for you.

Familiar Faces for Your Support

Working Toward Your Future in Community

Throughout the year, ISC hosts a large number of events, ranging from 5 to 400 participants. All our events provide leadership and community opportunities for both international and domestic students to gain experience in event planning, facilitation, marketing, cooking and more. Our events are posted on ConnectSU, so please check us out!

If you are an international student seeking employment at the university, you can work on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

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See what our international students have to say about SU

Dale H. Watanabe
Dale H. Watanabe

“When you’re here, you are like family and we want you, our international community, to feel that the ISC is your home away from home”

Sandra Bui
Sandra Bui

“ISC plays a pivotal role in creating a sense of community for students from different countries, helping them achieve better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds.”

Tashi Rabgey
Tashi Rabgey

"This opportunity to work with so many talented international students at an amazing university such as Seattle University is a blessing, because working in education has always been my passion."

Chloe Thomas
Chloe Thomas

"Here at the ISC, we celebrate the skills, perspectives, and cultural traditions that our international students bring. We love finding ways to share these with the larger Seattle U community."

Demographics of International Students at Seattle U

819 Int'l Students from 62 countries

Over 10% of Seattle U's students are international students

Top 10

Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Mongolia


The majority of Seattle U's international students are undergraduates

Top 5
Majors for Int'l Students

Finance, Management, Accounting, Business Analytics, and Computer Science


50% of int'l students study in Albers School of Business and Economics. 35% in the College of Science and Engineering and another 13% in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Named in Top 10 Universities in the Western United States
Top-Ranked Private University in the Northwestern Region of the United States

—The Wall Street Journal, Higher Education College 2018 Rankings