Accounting is the language of business and like any language, accounting requires practice to make perfect. The accounting tutors are here to help you practice and master the material for class. Tutoring in the accounting lab is a free service for students who are looking to catch up or get ahead in class.

Meet Our Tutors

Trang Nguyen

Rishabh Bansal

Accounting Lab Community

In addition to the lead accounting tutors, the tutoring lab is frequently staffed with volunteer tutors from our award-winning chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. Volunteer tutors are all capable of providing high-quality tutoring for students seeking help with any accounting classes. The accounting lab also serves as a place to study and for accounting majors to socialize. The lab has many of the textbooks used in class, and it is also located within close proximity to Seattle University accounting professors.

Tutoring Lab Policies

  • Preparation – Please come to your tutoring session prepared with specific questions and/or homework problems that you need help with. If you need general concept help we suggest contacting your professor during their office hours.
  • No Shows – After 1 no show the student gets an emailed warning that they have taken up a time slot that another student could have used and taken up your time unnecessarily as well. If this happens a 2nd time then the student will not be able to book tutoring for the rest of the quarter.
  • Late arrivals – If a student is more than 10 minutes late then the tutor can leave the meeting and mark them as a no-show. This is important because even 10 minutes is a significant portion of a tutoring session, and this greatly reduces how well a tutor can help you!

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