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Seattle University's partner, Becker Professional Education, provides CPA Exam review materials and instruction to graduate and senior-level accounting students at a substantial savings.

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Since 2022, Seattle University has partnered with Becker Professional Education to provide CPA Exam review materials and instruction to SU graduate and senior-level accounting students.

Becker has been the leading industry provider of CPA Exam review services for more than 60 years and is very well known to all CPA firms, as well as to the CFOs and controllers of most public and private companies. With the support of Seattle University, Becker offers its course to SU students at a substantial savings.

The purpose of the partnership is to ensure that SU accounting students enrolled in the Becker CPA Exam review course are afforded the opportunity to:

  • Study and sit for three sections of the CPA Exam prior to graduation;
  • Benefit from special SU student pricing on all CPA Exam review materials and instruction; and
  • Receive guided assistance in applying for and in preparing to take the CPA Exam.

In addition, students may join, if they choose, an optional study cohort for the purpose of collaborating with other SU students while preparing for each CPA Exam section. Study cohorts, though optional, are recommended and will include the following structure and activities:

  • Becker CPA Exam study schedule with established milestones;
  • Becker orientation to the key administrative steps of the CPA Exam process, including registration with Prometric Testing and the Washington State Board of Accountancy;
  • Informal/virtual cohort meetings that will help connect and support students as they prepare to take each part of the CPA Exam; and
  • Access to a dedicated SU faculty mentor to assist with the CPA Exam study process.

Contact Ellen Garner Campbell at for more information about registering for the Becker CPA Exam review course or visit the SU portal on the Becker site.

Contact Dennis Applegate at for more information about study cohorts for the Becker CPA Exam review course.

We are here to help you pass the CPA Exam!

Changes to CPA Exam

The CPA Exam evolved in January 2024 to an exam structure containing three new 'disciplines': Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR), Information Systems and Controls (ISC), and Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP).

CPA candidates will be allowed to select one of these disciplines for testing on their examination beginning in 2024. The discipline selected will replace the BEC section presently tested on the current exam. The content of the new exam's core sections—AUDIT, FAR, and REG—will be similar to comparably named sections now tested on the current exam.

It is worthy of special note that 'data and technology' will be assessed on all core sections of the new exam as well as on the new discipline sections. It is also noteworthy that each exam section will continue to last four hours and use multiple choice questions and tasked-based simulations for testing, a design consistent with the current exam.

The following AICPA web pages have more information about both the current and new CPA Exam: