What is Accounting?

Accounting is the study of how businesses track their assets and income over time. But it is more than just preparing financial statements and recording business transactions. Accounting is the language of business. Accountants provide the financial information critical to the successful management of business and government enterprises and to the proper functioning of financial markets.

Accountants perform a wide variety of activities, including mergers and acquisitions analysis, tax strategy, quality management, the tracking of financial performance, and much more. This background gives them a deep understanding of how business works and makes them prime candidates for many executive positions within a company, including CFO.

Accounting at Seattle University

With small class sizes, an accounting education at SU is more student-focused and responsive to student needs. At Albers School of Business, our accounting students enjoy easy access to professors which fosters an environment for students to help create professional connections and pursue academic growth.

Accounting Student Resources

Student-Professional Networking

Albers School of Business regularly invites Seattle U alumni and local professionals to come network with accounting students. At the networking events, students have the opportunity to learn more about local firms and gain first-hand experience on how to get internships and entry-level jobs.

Accounting Lab

Albers Accounting Department hosts a student community in the accounting lab where students are free to drop-in to use the space for studying, socializing or receive free tutoring assistance.


Albers School of Business has participated in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program for over 25 years. Students who participate in VITA fill out tax returns for those who make less than $54,000, have disabilities or have limited English skills. Participating in VITA requires completion of ACCT 3360 (Federal Income Tax I) and is a great way to develop professional tax skills and meet other students interested in taxation.

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