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Accounting & Analytics, MS

Discover in-depth insights into the world of accounting and analytics. Seattle University's Master's in Accounting and Analytics is the best place to learn.

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About this Program

Gain In-Demand Skills for Today's Employers with STEM-Designated MSAA Program

Designed for those with an accounting undergraduate degree, our Master of Science in Accounting and Analytics (MSAA) is a STEM-designated program with leadership components. Five out of 15 courses are analytics, while eight are STEM courses.

Our top-ranked graduate accounting program is committed to teaching ethical and purposeful accounting practices. As one of the best accounting schools, we’ll help you learn about more than business. You’ll discover how you can make a difference in the businesses you work with.

As an accounting student at Seattle University, you will benefit from the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence and professional formation as well as a holistic education that focuses on the whole person.

We hope your education helps you bring your full self to your work so you can live your best life—and make the biggest positive impact on those around you.

Graduate Accounting and Analytics at a Glance

Learn how this degree from the Department of Accounting will contribute to your career goals. Then, explore course requirements and see how impactful a Seattle University degree can be.

In pursuing your MS in Accounting and Analytics, you'll delve into a specialized program designed to equip you with a unique blend of financial expertise and cutting-edge analytics skills. As you navigate through the curriculum, you'll sharpen your understanding of accounting principles while also mastering data-driven decision-making. This degree not only prepares you for a dynamic career in accounting but positions you at the forefront of leveraging data analytics to drive strategic financial insights. With a focus on practical application, you'll graduate well-prepared to navigate the evolving landscape of accounting and contribute meaningfully to data-informed business strategies.

The MSAA learning objectives are focused on your success. We will:

  • Extend your technical competencies in financial reporting and analysis, managerial decision-making, tax compliance and planning, and risk assurance and compliance testing.
  • Develop your leadership and cross-functional management skills.
  • Sharpen your essential professional competencies including: critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, ability to work effectively in teams, and data analytics skills.
  • Develop your awareness of the needs of communities beyond the boundaries of your profession.

On successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Recommend a course of action to a prospective client by using a framework or model to analyze financial statements and other relevant data.
  • Evaluate the accounting implications of an economic event by applying the principles, standards, and practices of financial accounting.
  • Advise stakeholders of how strategic business risks relate to internal controls, financial reporting, tax, and/or audit using authoritative literature, fieldwork, surveys, archival, or other research data.
  • Synthesize accounting information within the context of other business functions to inform the business decision-making process.
  • Construct arguments for and against alternative accounting decisions by weighing the ethical, stakeholder, and stewardship implications of each.

What You’ll Learn

Learn about the classes you’ll take as a student here.

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Top 5% World Business Schools & AACSB accredited 

Albers School of Business and Economics

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Accredited Education Partner of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

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Meaningful Connections

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Career-Ready Experiences Beyond the Classroom

We understand how important it is to get experience outside of the classroom. As a Master’s in Accounting & Analytics student, you’ll have a variety of opportunities to learn and grow in the greater Seattle community.

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Connected to Seattle’s Best Jobs

There’s no better place to learn about accounting than at the Albers School of Business and Economics. Our strong connections to the best companies in Seattle open doors and create opportunities for all our students. The Albers Career Center connects you to the mentors and resources for the current job market.

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Real-World Experience That Makes a Difference

Hands-on classes feature projects that connect you to our vibrant neighborhood and the broader city of Seattle. You’ll see right away how your skills can make an impact in the businesses and communities in Seattle. If you want to be part of changing the world through accounting, you’re in the right place.

STEM Courses Prepare for Certification

This STEM-designated program offers unique courses that are tailored for growth as an accounting, auditing, or business risk advisory professional.

Building off of your undergraduate education, the MSAA program provides specific courses relevant for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CIA (Certified Internal Auditor), CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and ACCA (Association of Certified Charter Accountant) exams as well as for your professional growth as an accountant with strong skills in analytics.

With an undergraduate degree in accounting, our program ensures you are en route to completing 225 quarter hours for CPA eligibility.

These courses include IT Audit, Audit Analytics, Data Analytics and Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Fraud Analytics, Emerging Technologies in Audit, Advanced Accounting, Corporate Governance, Law for Accountants, and Business Risk Advisory- among others.

You’ll get real-world experience with an IT audit practicum and a tax practicum that involves community-engaged learning. You can also do a 12-hour internship to gain even more experience.

Preparing for High Demand Accounting Careers

The accounting industry has evolved to include analytics, visualization and emerging technologies in the accounting, audit and risk assurance process. In order to succeed, you need to understand these emerging technologies, analyze data and create data visualizations.

With a master’s in accounting and analytics, you can get a job as an accountant (financial, cost or tax specialist), an auditor, a risk assurance and advisory consultant, financial analyst and more.

Getting an accounting and analytics master's degree gives you an edge with potential employers and sets you up to rise quickly in your organization. Our alumni from this Seattle University program have placed in the Big 4, the top regional firms and companies in the Pacific Northwest region.

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