Graduate Cost of Attendance

Seattle University tuition, food, housing and fees as a graduate student—see the estimated costs to attend.

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Invest in Your Future

The right graduate degree can be a smart investment in your future. Professionals with graduate degrees make more, on average, than their peers. A graduate degree can also be the first step in pivoting your career in a more fulfilling direction.

Whatever your motivation for considering a graduate degree, we know it’s a significant investment. That’s why we have a dedicated team here to provide guidance, answer questions and help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Certificate Tuition Rates

Certificate tuition and fees are assessed depending on the course. To estimate course fees, look at which department offers the course; the charge per credit will be the same for the certificate course.

Graduate Costs

Explore a comprehensive breakdown of graduate costs at Seattle University, including tuition rates, housing options, meal plans, and additional fees associated with applying, enrolling, and attending our institution.

See the price per graduate credit. Please review your academic program credit requirements to assist with calculating costs per quarter, annually, or for the entirety of the program. 

Program  Tuition per Credit Rate 


Professional MBA  $1,011 
Online MBA  $1,011 
Early Career MBA 
MBA Sport and Entertainment Management  $849
MBA Sport and Entertainment Management (online) $735
Accounting and Analytics  $849
Professional Accounting  $849
Finance  $1,011
Business Analytics  $1,011
Online Business Analytics $1,011
Cybersecurity (Online) $706

Arts & Sciences 

Couples & Family Therapy  $849 
Criminal Justice  $849 
Fine Arts Leadership  $735 
Fundraising Leadership  $735 
Kinesiology  $849 
Nonprofit Leadership  $735 
Psychology  $849
Public Administration  $849 
Social Work  $849 


Clinical Mental Health Counseling  $735
School Counseling  $735
Educational Administration  $735
Student Development  $706
Special Education  $735
School Psychology  $735
Teacher Education (MIT) $706
Teaching and Transformational Leadership (MEd) $706
ENES  $735
Doctoral  $849
Doctoral Continuation Fee (EDLR 612- 0 credits)   


Graduate Programs $944

Science & Engineering 

Computer Science $1,011
Mechanical Engineering  $944
Structural Engineering  $849
Data Science  $1,011 
Software Engineering Certificate  $1,011

2024-2025 Tuition
Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Winter 2025 and Spring 2025

Cohort Programs Billed Quarterly 

Program  Tuition per Quarter 
Executive Leadership MBA - Fall 2024 Cohort $18,519
Executive Leadership MBA - Online/Low Residency $18,519

Graduate housing options at Seattle University—Murphy Apartments, Douglas Apartments, and Vi Hilbert Hall—flexible options designed to accommodate your academic needs during the year.

Murphy Apartments  Quarterly  *Academic Year 
Prices depend on # of roommates and size of room  $3,136 - $5,916 $9,408 - $17,748
Douglas Apartments  Monthly  *Academic Year 
1-5 Bedrooms  Contact Leasing Office   
Vi Hilbert Hall  Monthly  *Academic Year 
Studio - 4 Bedrooms Contact Leasing Office  

*Academic Year: (Fall, Winter & Spring) 

Affordable choices for students not required to purchase a meal plan and options for graduate/commuter students who need flexibility in their dining plans.

Plan Type Plan Description Quarterly *Academic Year
Convenience A minimal plan for those who are not required to purchase a meal plan. $495 $1,485
Graduate/Commuter For students who occasionally need to purchase meals on campus. $213 $639

Supplemental Meal Plans

Supplemental meal plans for students who already have an existing meal plan and would like to add money to their meal plan balance. Contact Housing for more information about adding a supplemental amount to your meal plan.

*Please do not add money through your E-Account, you will only be able to add money to your meal plan balance through supplemental meal plans.

The Enrollment Deposit is a confirmation of intended enrollment for new graduate students. The deposit is not an additional fee; it will apply toward your first tuition bill.

Type   Amount 
Enrollment Deposits  
Advance Practice Nursing Immersion (APNI)/ Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) $500 
Doctor of Education      $500 
Leadership Executive MBA $5,000 
Master of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy  $250
Master of Arts in Psychology  $250 
Master of Business Administration - Early Career   $250 
Master of Science in Accounting and Analytics $250
Master of Science in Business Analytics $250
Master of Science in Computer Science $250
Master of Science in Computer Science - Data Science $250
Master of Science in Computer Science - Software Engineering $250
Master of Science in Data Science $250
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering $250
Master of Science in Structural Engineering $250
Master of Social Work $250
*Deposit amount goes toward first quarter bill  

See the additional fees related to applying, enrolling and attending Seattle University.   

Type   Amount 
Matriculation (one time, non-refundable)   $175 
Wellness Fee, Graduate student enrollment of 9 credits or more (per quarter)   $166
Wellness Fee, Graduate student enrollment of less than 9 credits (per quarter)  $166
Technology Fee, Graduate student enrollment of 9 credits or more (per quarter)  $201
Technology Fee, Graduate student enrollment of less than 9 credits (per quarter)  $201
Graduate Activity Fee (per quarter)  $10 
*Description of fees may be found towards bottom of this page*   
Transcript (additional vendor service fees apply)  $7.50 
Transcript Rush Processing (per transcript)  $25 
Diploma Replacement (4-6 weeks delivery)  $25 
Diploma Replacement Rush Delivery, U.S. Address (including to SU)  $100 
Diploma Replacement Rush Delivery, International Address  $200 
Health Insurance  
Health Insurance 2023-24, International Students (mandatory, annual rate)​ TBD
Program Specific  
Advanced Practice Nursing Immersion (APNI) DNP (per quarter):   $538 
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) (per quarter):  FT (6 or more credits)  
---Family Nurse Practitioner  $268
---Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner  $268 
---Certified Nurse-Midwifery  $268
---Primary Care Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner  $268 
---Acute Care Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner   $268  
---Advanced Community and Public Health Nursing Leadership   $268  
Health Systems Leader (Post-Master's DNP) (per quarter)  FT (6 or more credits) $268
PT (less than 6 credits) $142 
Nursing Post-Graduate Certificates (per quarter)  FT (6 or more credits) $268 
PT (less than 6 credits) $142 
Nursing Post-Doctoral Certificates (per quarter)  FT (6 or more credits) $268 
PT (less than 6 credits) $142 
SDAD Program Activities Fee (One-time upon admission)   $500  
Exam Fees  
Accounting Exam Fees (average)   $853 
BSN (RN License & NCLEX Fee)   $335 
Diagnostic Ultrasound  $750 
APNI/BSN (RN Liscense & NCLEX Fee)  $335 
DNP (ARNP License)  $130 
Adult Gerontology (ARNP License & AACN Non-member Exam Fee)   $495
Family Nurse Practitioner (ARNP License & AANP Non-member Exam Fee)   $525
Nurse Midwifery (ARNP License & American Midwifery Exam Fee) $630
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (ARNP License & ANA Non-member Fee)   $525
College of Education Assessment Fee (billed annually)  $53 
Education, Doctoral Dissertation and Publication  $115 

Mandatory Enrollment Fee​s

Wellness Fee 

The mandatory Wellness Fee provides funding for several health and wellness resources that benefit all Seattle University students, including access to TimelyCare. In addition, the wellness fee provides access to the university fitness center, online and in-person health and wellness programs, and allows Seattle U an opportunity to develop new resources and services for on-campus and online students. 

Technology Fee 

The mandatory Technology Fee makes up a small portion of the funding for Information Technology Services (ITS). In part, the Technology Fee is used to assist with the cost of core student systems (e.g., Canvas, mySeattleU, Microsoft Office), Public Safety systems, Internet service, networking, and much more. 

Matriculation Fee 

The one-time mandatory Matriculation Fee offsets the cost of maintaining and storing academic records. 

Orientation Fees 

The one-time mandatory orientation fee enables a holistic engagement experience that supports transition to the Redhawk Community. The fee offsets the cost of sessions and events such as expert speakers and event facilitators, community meals, and student mementos. 

Program Specific Fees 

Nursing BSN: Applies beginning the spring quarter of the student's sophomore year: $490 for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. 

Course Specific Fees 

Some courses have additional associated fees. These are listed in the course section details on mySeattleU when conducting a search for classes. 

Cost of Attendance & Financial Need

To prepare a student's financial aid award, the Student Financial Services Office subtracts the Student Aid Index (SAI) as calculated from the information provided on the student's FAFSA, from the estimated cost of attendance, often referred to as the student budget, to determine financial need.

The following is a sample student budget for the 2024-25 nine-month academic year for a full-time student (9 credits):

Budget Category Undergraduate Student
Living On or Off Campus
Undergraduate Student
Living With Parents or Relatives
Graduate Student*
Living On or Off Campus
Graduate Student
Living With Parents or Relatives
Tuition $55,620 $55,620 $23,085 $23,085
Books & Supplies $792 $792 $792 $792
Technology Fee $603 $603 $603 $603
Wellness Fee $498 $498 $498 $498
Activity Fee - - $30 $30
Housing $9,756 $2,871 $14,202 $2,871
Food $5,946 $2,871 $5,946 $2,871
Loan Fee $65 $65 $180 $180
Personal Expenses $1,848 $1,848 $1,848 $1,848
Transportation $1,776 $1,776 $1,776 $1,776
Total Budget $76,904 $66,944 $48,960 $34,554

*Enrollment requirements and tuition rates for graduate students vary program-by-program so actual tuition and book costs vary widely from this sample budget.

After financial need has been determined, Student Financial Services prepares a financial aid award, including as much aid as the student is eligible to receive within the constraints of both the student's need and the availability of funding. A student can see the costs and SAI used to prepare their financial aid offer by accessing their Financial Aid Self Service portal via mySeattleU online.

Cost of Attendance Definitions

Tuition and Fees: Includes tuition and fees normally assessed for a student. Based on your expected enrollment.

Housing: Average of on campus regardless of room type. Actual costs may differ based on your room assignment.

Food: Cost based on residential meal plan and is based on 3 meals per day for 7 days a week. Actual costs may differ based on your selected meal plan.

Books and Supplies: Estimated costs based on Washington Financial Aid Association recommended amount informed by student surveys, which include books, supplies, and personal computer needs.

Transportation: Estimated costs based on Washington Financial Aid Association recommended amount informed by student surveys, which may include transportation between campus, residences, and work.

Personal Expenses: Estimated costs based on Washington Financial Aid Association recommended amount informed by student surveys and includes a variety of miscellaneous costs students may experience.

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Student Financial Services

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