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Audience during summer orientation at SU

Students may enter most Albers business graduate programs any of the four quarters. Most students complete their program in two to three years, depending on their previous course work in business and how many classes they choose to take each quarter.

Prepare for Business Graduate School

  • Attend an information session
    Check out our regularly scheduled online information sessions. Want to sit in a class? You can do this virtually or in-person for certain classes; contact us to find out which classes are available.
  • Optional: Prepare and register for the GMAT or GRE
    GMAT and GRE scores are now optional, except for international applicants with a 3-year undergraduate degree. Applicants are still encouraged to submit a GMAT or GRE when possible. Choosing to include either score can make your application more competitive and give the admissions team more information about you.

    Seattle University's codes for GMAT scores are:

    • Professional MBA (Part Time)- OTM-56-13
    • Professional MBA (Full Time)- OTM-56-88
    • Early Career MBA – OTM -56-59
    • MBA in Sport & Entertainment Management (MBA SEM) - OTM-56-78
    • Master of Professional Accounting (MPAC) - OTM-56-50
    • Master of Science in Accounting & Analytics (MSAA) - OTM-56-90
    • Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) - OTM-56-61
    • Master of Science in Finance (MSF) - OTM-56-66
    • Leadership Executive MBA - OTM-56-85

    Seattle University's code number for GRE scores is GRE 4695.

  • Complete the application.


  • Research financial aid options.
    Check out our scholarships page for more information. Albers offers scholarships to both incoming and current students.

Application Deadlines

All deadlines indicated below are final deadlines, unless otherwise noted. Applications open approximately one year in advance. Early applications are encouraged

Graduate Program Fall Winter Spring Summer
Professional MBA/Certificates Aug 7* Nov 8* Feb 8* May 8*
Early Career MBA
Fall intake only
Priority*: Mar 1,
Second*: May 1,
Final: Jul 1
MBA in Sport & Entertainment Management N/A  N/A  N/A Priority: Feb 15
Final: May 15 
Master of Professional Accounting (MPAC)
Fall intake only
Aug 7* N/A N/A N/A
Master of Science in Accounting and Analytics(MSAA) Aug 7* Nov 8* N/A May 8*
Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)
Fall intake only
Priority*: Jan 20,
Mar 20.
N/A  N/A  N/A 
Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Aug 7* Nov 8* Feb 8* May 8*
International Students**
(All programs)
Apr 1* Sep 1* Dec 1* Jan 1*

* Deadlines with scholarship eligibility

** International students currently in the U.S. may be eligible for a later application date. Please consult an advisor.

Graduate Application Requirements

  1. Complete the application form on this page to get started.
  2. Resume documenting work experience (the PMBA program requires ;a minimum of two years' full-time work experience)
  3. Official transcripts from undergraduate and any post-baccalaureate work
  4. Optional: Official GMAT or GRE test scores sent from the relevant testing agency
  5. Official TOEFL test scores, if required

Applicants for whom English is a non-native language must demonstrate English proficiency regardless of English language studies, academic history, residence in the United States or an English-speaking country, or immigration status.

Graduate and post baccalaureate applicants who received a baccalaureate degree or higher from Seattle University or a recognized college or university in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica, Kenya, Singapore, Belize, Nigeria, and Trinidad and Tobago will not be required to submit English proficiency test scores. Students earning a degree in a country other than those listed above may provide official documentation from the degree-granting institution verifying that all instruction was in English. A minimum of three years of enrollment at the university is required.

  • Information for non-matriculated (visiting) students
    Albers allows only visiting students from an AACSB accredited program to take classes and transfer them back to their home school.
  • Readmission information for Albers students
    If you have taken at least three to four quarters off, you will need to reapply for your program through Graduate Admissions.

Please send hard copies of official transcripts and documents to:

Graduate Admissions
Seattle University
901 12th Ave
PO Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090

Graduate Application Process

Albers School of Business and Economics applicants are accepted into the program on the basis of their entire history (GPA, optional GMAT score, work experience, and TOEFL scores, if required), considering each factor individually, and in combination, as part of the admissions process. Personal statements and letters of reference are not required, but may be included, especially if there is information an applicant feels is important for the committee to take into consideration in their decision.

When your application is entered into our computer system, a letter is sent indicating what is needed to complete your application file. Completed applications generally take three to four weeks to be evaluated and reviewed by the department. An admissions decision is issued via mail soon after that. Check your application status on the Graduate Admissions website.

Applicants admitted to Seattle University will receive information via email regarding course registration, advising, and orientation. After the department receives the copy of the admittance letter, all transcripts are reviewed and students are notified if they are eligible to waive any coursework based on previous classes completed with a 3.0 (B) or better. All admitted students must attend an Advising Orientation session before they can register. Call (206) 296-5700 to sign up for a new graduate student orientation or contact an advisor with any questions.

Dual Degree Programs

Graduate students can earn a juris doctorate (JD) combined with an MBA, MSF, or MPAC. You must be accepted into both schools and can enroll in the dual program before entering either school or during your first year of graduate study in either school. Please contact the School of Law Admission Office about their requirements. Visit the dual program site for more information.

Additional Graduate Admission Information

For additional information on Graduate Admissions, visit the following pages:

Schedule a prospective student consultation

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Apply for scholarships when you apply for our Masters programs