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Economists are not only sought after in the business world but also in the policy world. A lot of world leaders and captains of business start their career with an undergraduate degree in economics. What they learn in school -- critical thinking, comfort with data sets, working with economic models -- is a strong foundation for numerous career opportunities. Watch this video with Albers Assistant Economics Professor Erin Vernon to learn more about what economics is and its career potential.

Economics Tutoring Appointments

The Economics tutors are here to help you practice, study and master the material for class. The Economics lab is a free service provided by Seattle University for students who are looking to catch up or get ahead in class.

Efficiency, Equity, Resources

With an emphasis on economics as a social science, the Albers’ Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BAE) degree will provide you with the analytical tools of micro- and macroeconomics as well as statistical and quantitative methods. In keeping with the Seattle University mission, courses in this program address ethical implications and social justice issues. Our small class sizes and the expertise of our faculty will help you build the foundation needed to become an effective and ethical leader in the study of economics.

With in-depth and rigorous study of economics—from local to national to global—and skills-building focused on analytics, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and communication, you will be equipped to solve important problems in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors or to pursue graduate study in economics or fields such as data analytics, public policy, business, or law.

Micro & Macro: Two Branches of Economics


Focusing on consumers and producers, microeconomics addresses decisions about what is produced, how goods and services are distributed, and who receives the income.


Macroeconomics examines the overall economy—national and international—including issues of growth, unemployment, and inflation

These two branches of economics provide frameworks for analyzing the implications of business decisions.

Economics: A World-Changing Career Opportunity

What Career Choices Will You have as an Economics Major?

Graduating with a BAE offers you the opportunity to pursue a career in many industries and specialities. 

Economic Development Consulting International Business Law Data Analytics
Insurance Public Policy Finance Market Research Health

Business Economics

If your interest in economics is more from a business perspective rather than as a social science, check out our Business Economics major.