Undergraduate Advising

In-Person, Online, and Phone Appointments Available

Albers advisors can help you with:

  • Planning your schedule for future quarters
  • Changing/adding majors and minors
  • Helping with registration questions
  • Providing information about study abroad
  • Assisting students with academic challenges

Connect with Albers Advising

Make an Appointment

Appointments are for 30-45 minute one-on-one meetings.

Book online with one of the advisors

Current Students

Prospective Students

Email: Albers_UG-Advising@seattleu.edu

Drop-in Advising

Drop-ins are great for quick questions or immediate assistance.

In person: Pigott 318 lobby

Drop-in Hours:

  • Mondays 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
  • Tuesdays 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • Wednesdays 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Thursdays 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Fridays 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

No Drop-ins on Fridays during Summer Quarter

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Undergraduate Advising

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Meet the Albers Advising Team

Photo of Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Director of Undergraduate Advising

  • Hometown: Towson, MD by way of Paris, France
  • Education: M.A. in Education, UC Berkeley; BA in American Studies, UC Berkeley
  • Favorite high school memory: Senior year, leading the varsity basketball team to a 22-2 record
  • Favorite Movies: Anything with substance
  • What you like most about advising: Meeting students from all walks of life and different backgrounds
  • Hidden talent: BBQing
  • Hobbies: Collecting vinyl records, working out, pulling espresso shots and traveling
Photo of Anne Colpitts

Anne Colpitts

Academic Advisor

  • Hometown: Brewster, WA
  • Education: M.A. in Spanish Literature, University of California, Berkeley; B.A. in Spanish, minor in Political Science, University of Puget Sound
  • Favorite high school memory: Traveling to Japan on a Kikkoman scholarship in the summer before senior year. It was my first study abroad experience, and I was hooked.
  • Favorite TV shows: It’s so hard to pick just one! My top 5 favorite TV shows, in no particular order: Jane the Virgin, The Americans, The Wire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, & The Great British Bake-Off.
  • What you like most about advising: I love getting to know students, their plans and goals, and playing a small role in helping them achieve them.
  • Hidden talent: Do you need to squeeze one more thing into your already bursting suitcase? I can help.
  • Hobbies: Baking, kayaking, reading, camping, trying new restaurants.
Photo of Hannah Nguyen

Hannah Nguyen

Academic Advisor

  • Hometown: Everett, WA
  • Education: M.A. in Organizational Development, Seattle University.  B.A. in Business Administration, Finance, Seattle University
  • Favorite high school memory: Working at Panda Express
  • Favorite movies: horror movies (own collection of The Conjuring Universe)
  • What you like most about advising: Having conversations to discern major of study or career path
  • Hidden talent: still discovering…
  • Hobbies: Netflix, cooking, organizing and cleaning, designing on Canva, jigsaw puzzle when time permits
Photo of David Carter

David Carter

Academic Advisor

  • Hometown: Wenatchee, WA
  • Education: M.Ed. in TESOL, Seattle University. M.A. in English, Western Washington University
  • Favorite high school memory: Singing at the Vatican during senior year choir trip
  • Favorite movies: I enjoy watching different types of movies. A few of my favorites are Star Wars, Avengers, and Harry Potter
  • What you like most about advising: Supporting students throughout their educational journey
  • Hidden talent: Playing the piano
  • Hobbies: Hiking, taking road trips, cooking, gardening
Photo of Shayna Olarti

Shayna Olarti

Graduate Assistant

  • Hometown: O’ahu, Hawai’i
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree at University of Hawai’i, West O’ahu & pursuing Master’s at Seattle University in Student Development Administration
  • Favorite high school memory: Hanging out with friends after school
  • Favorite food: Sushi and local food from back home
  • Hidden talent: My hidden talent is so hidden..I’m still trying to figure it out.
  • Hobbies: Spending time with family & friends, enjoying nature, watching YouTube and TikToks, Happy planning, and recently paint by numbers