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Pursue a 3+3 program from Seattle University's nationally ranked Albers School of Business and Economics and School of Law. This BA to JD program offers the best of both worlds.

About this Program

An Accelerated JD Program for Greater Impact

Combine a solid foundation in business with a law degree for a powerful start to your career. This selective program offers a business and law degree in six years instead of seven.

The business and law major is designed for students who intend to go to law school and also want to have a background in business. The combination of these two disciplines opens up a wide variety of job opportunities, from corporate law to in-house counsel to running your own law firm and more.

Both the Albers School of Business and Economics and the School of Law at Seattle University are nationally ranked. Both schools employ faculty who are highly respected in their fields and are known for excellence in the classroom. They are dedicated to helping students succeed academically and professionally.

Our Jesuit approach helps you explore how to use business and law to create a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. You’ll leverage your powerful business and law knowledge to help businesses and society move forward. Even more, our approach helps you bring your full self to your education and your career.

Undergraduate Business and Law Degree at a Glance

Learn how this degree from the Department of Management and the School of Law will contribute to your career goals. Then, explore course requirements and see how impactful a Seattle University business and law degree can be.

The BA in Business Administration, major in business and law degree, is conferred upon successful completion of the first year of study at the Seattle University School of Law. At that point, you will have completed 180 credits (30 semester credits during their senior year are taken in the Law School). The law degree is conferred upon successful completion of the final two years of the School of Law curriculum.

Participants in the program must have a high-school GPA of 3.5 and maintain a 3.5 throughout their 3-year undergraduate experience. To be considered, they must also have a minimum SAT math score of 620 or ACT math score of at least 27. In addition, they must apply to the law school by December of their Junior year with adequate LSAT scores.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of the business body of knowledge
  • Demonstrate competent oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate preparedness for a continuation of education in law school

The first three outcomes are assessed as part of MGMT 4890 through an exam, and written and oral assignments are evaluated through established rubrics. The last outcome will be assessed by performance on the LSAT.

What You'll Learn

Learn about the classes you’ll take as a student here.

Meaningful Connections

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Connected to Seattle’s Best Jobs

There’s no better place to learn about business and law than at Seattle University. Our strong connections to the best companies in Seattle open doors and create opportunities for all our students. The Albers Career Center connects you to the mentors and resources for the current job market.

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Real-World Experience That Makes a Difference

Hands-on classes feature projects that connect you to our vibrant neighborhood and the broader city of Seattle. You’ll see right away how your skills can make an impact on the businesses and communities in Seattle.

Fall Involvement Fair

Committed to Equity and Justice

At Seattle University, you’ll explore ideas, business strategies and legal concepts with a justice lens. We’re committed to helping you understand how your work can make the world a more just and equitable place for all. If you want to be part of changing the world through business and law, you’re in the right place.

Industry-Focused Advisory Boards

Strong Network, Cutting-Edge Coursework

In your classes, you’ll get hands-on experience through projects that develop the personal and professional abilities new graduates need. How do we know? Our faculty works directly with industry-focused advisory boards in economics, finance, and more.

The advisory boards include professionals from Seattle’s private, public, and nonprofit sectors. With advisory boards, faculty tune into changing business and social needs. They design assignments that examine current business issues and develop the skills you’ll need to thrive.

Our diverse and global city brings current business needs and strategies right to your doorstep. You’ll explore the local and even global impact of business in Seattle through class projects that make a difference.

What Jobs Do Business and Law Graduates Have?

  • Corporate Counsel
  • Private Practice Attorney
  • Employment Law Attorney
  • Intellectual Property Attorney
  • Attorneys in Government Service at the Local, State, and Federal Level
  • Leadership Roles in Businesses, Nonprofits, and Academic Organizations

Featured Faculty

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