Management is the job of making people more effective than they would have been without your direction. It is also figuring out how to do that. Just about any top executive you ask would agree that the ability to effectively manage others is the most important skill a professional could have. Not every top executive is a good manager and not every good manager will make it to the upper echelons of an organization.

Management is a critical function for every organization, and people trained in management play this important role in organizations of every size and type. The skills, techniques, and theories acquired by the management major leads to jobs in business, government, and the non-profit sector. People who plan to establish their own firms or to become part of a family owned firm also pursue a management major.

At Albers, the Department of Management houses two programs, Management and International Business.


Do you enjoy interacting with people; motivating, leading and accomplishing goals through others? Management is critical to every organization. The success of each business can be measured by how well its goals are connected with the goals of individuals and groups who interact with it. Coursework in our management major helps you learn to:

  • motivate, lead, and develop
  • structure organizations to meet both profit and social responsibility goals
  • effectively accomplish goals both individually and through others
  • communicate accurately
  • develop a strategic perspective on an organization and its parts

International Business

Do you want to learn about other cultures? Are you open to expanding traditional business ideas? Do you have an interest in developing international working relationships? Our international business major helps students understand the impact of international competition and how to operate effectively in the global marketplace. A combination of curriculum, development of cultural awareness, and related activities prepares students for careers with firms engaged in international business and for graduate programs in international commercial law and business.

As part of this major, students experience hands-on opportunities where they apply classroom learning through internships and study abroad tours. Recent tours have traveled to Italy, France, Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, and Brazil.