Excel Certification

Broaden your employment opportunities

Earning a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification can help differentiate you in today's competitive job market. All Albers undergraduate students are required to pass EXCEL Level I Certification (Microsoft Office Specialist exam 77-727) in order to progress in your BABA or BAE program.

As of Fall 2019 the Excel 2016 exam is required for new exam candidates. Excel 2013 certification achieved prior to September 1, 2019 will be accepted, but Excel 2010 or earlier is no longer accepted.

For more information about the requirements and how to prepare for the certification exam, visit Microsoft's Exam Details page.

Steps to Sign up for the Exam

Register with Certiport

You must register with Certiport.com prior to your test date. It is essential that you input your student ID in the "Student/Employee ID" field during the Certiport registration process. Failure to input your student ID may delay the start of your exam session. Please also complete the Microsoft registration at the end of the Certiport registration process.

You should also login to Certiport.com to register the exam group ID for your class if you are taking the exam for credit in IS-3150.

If you have a disability that might affect your performance on this exam, you will need to apply for an accommodation with Certiport. Applications must be mailed or faxed and take two weeks or more (at least 10 business days) to be processed. In addition, you may need to contact ExcelTest@seattleu.edu to arrange an extended testing time.

Register for an exam session

You will need to register and pay for an exam session at Albers' Eventbrite page. There is a $35 charge to register for an exam session, which covers the exam fee charged by Certiport and Albers administrative costs. If you do not pass the exam you will be issued a retake promo code to register for one retake session for free. The exams are held in Pigott 328.

Retake Policies

If you fail the exam on your first attempt the Excel Proctor will email you a promo code for a retake. The exam fee includes ONE retake, if you require another retake you will have to pay the additional fee.

After your first exam attempt you must wait 24 hours before taking the Excel exam again. After your second and any subsequent attempts, you must wait 48 hours before taking the same exam again.

Study Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many times can I take the Excel certification exam?

A. You can take the exam as many times as necessary to pass, however you will only receive one free retake per paid exam session.

Q. How much does the exam cost?

A. The exam fee is $35, this covers the cost of purchasing exam inventory from Certiport and related administrative costs incurred by Albers.

Q. How long do I have to pass the exam?

A. All business students entering SU summer 2012 or later are required to pass the EXCEL Level I Certification Exam as a requirement for graduation. You can take the exam at any time during your studies up until graduation; however it counts towards your final grade if you take IS 3150.

 If you have any further questions, please email ExcelTest@seattleu.edu.

Skills Measured in the Microsoft Exam

Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described below.

Links to Microsoft videos and articles are provided below for many of the exam topics. Some of these articles have different instructions depending on the version of Excel being used. For best results, when multiple versions are presented select Windows rather than MacOS or Web, and Office 2016 or Newer Versions rather than Office 2010 or 2007.