Albers Undergraduate Programs

Business Can Change the World. And You Can be Part of It.

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Make a Difference Above and Beyond the Bottom Line


At the nationally ranked Albers School of Business and Economics, we offer an outstanding education, a distinctive student experience, and a 75+ year legacy of championing business' responsibility to create a better society.

As an undergraduate student, you will benefit from small class sizes that promote personalized attention. The school's enviable location in Capitol Hill enhances deep ties with Seattle's business community, providing multiple opportunities to build a strong foundation for your career.

Two Programs to Choose From

Education for Your Lifelong Success with our BABA Program

As an undergraduate student in our Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) program, you will benefit from small class sizes that provide unparalleled access to highly qualified faculty who are committed to your success.

With a variety of major options and combinations, as well as many internship opportunities, Albers' BABA program offers you the academic foundation and much-needed practical experience to thrive in business and beyond.

Finally, our belief in business as a driver of social change means applying your skills and knowledge to communities and causes that need them most.

BA in Economics: Efficiency, Equity, Resources

With an emphasis on economics as a social science, the Albers’ Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BAE) degree will provide you with the analytical tools of micro- and macroeconomics as well as statistical and quantitative methods. In keeping with the university mission, courses in this program address ethical implications and social justice issues.

With in-depth and rigorous study of economics—from local to national to global—and skills-building focused on analytics, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and communication, you will be equipped to solve important problems in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors or to pursue graduate study in economics or fields such as data analytics, public policy, business, or law.

Choose from Nine Majors

After completing core foundation courses which provide a comprehensive overview of the business field, BABA students then focus by choosing one of nine majors. If you choose the BAE you'll dive right into your Economics coursework.

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Our nationally ranked Accounting program teaches you the technical skills and professional competencies for a thriving accounting career. (minor also available)

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Business Analytics

With the Albers School of Business and Economics Business Analytics (BUAN) major, you’ll gain the knowledge and practical skills to join the big data revolution.

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Business & Law

Get your business and law degree in six years instead of seven, for a powerful start to your career.


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BA in Economics

Designed for students interested in solving problems and making decisions in the private and public sectors, our program cultivates students' analytical, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills. (minor also available)

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Business Economics

Economists’ strength in critical thinking, comfort with data sets, and working with economic models make them a valuable asset in the business and policy worlds.

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The undergraduate Finance program in Albers helps you gain critical qualities that are highly sought after in today’s business finance environments. (minor also available)

Ind. Major - Marketing

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Individualized Major

Designed for students who intend to operate their own businesses, attain greater specialization through on-the-job programs, or plan for later study in a specific area.

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Learn the skills that companies in our growing economy look for in their managers. (minor also available)

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Get equipped with the strategic thinking that prepares you for a future in marketing leadership. (minors also available, including the new Personal Branding in Sport and Entertainment minor)

Interested in Economics, but still not sure which program is right for you?

The Chair of the Economics Department, Bridget Hiedemann, wrote up a description of how the programs differ and what she recommends for each program. The Chair or the Economics Tutors would be happy to talk to you about the choices.