Excel Graduation Requirement Form

All Albers undergraduate students are required to pass the Excel certification exam to graduate. Passing the Excel exam demonstrates your knowledge and skills using Excel.

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Fulfilling the Graduation Requirement:

As of Spring 2024 the Registrar's Office requires all students to report their own Excel exam scores; we can no longer report scores on your behalf. Only Excel 2016, 2019, or 365 exam results will be accepted.

Downloading Your PDF Certificate:

After passing the exam, you’ll get a PDF certificate added to your Certiport profile and possibly a paper copy by mail.

  • Log in to Certiport and ensure you’re listed as a Test Candidate.
  • Select My Transcript from the menu.
  • On the transcript page look for your Excel certification. You should see an orange link to download a PDF copy of your certificate. If the PDF link isn’t visible, switch the View mode to Personal View.
  • Open the PDF of your certificate and save it to your computer.

Visit Seattle University e-Forms and locate the Non-Course Degree Requirement form. Fill out the form and attach your certificate.

If you have any questions about the form contact your advisor or send an email to Albers_UG-Advising@seattleu.edu and one of the advisors will be able to assist you.

Make sure to send your certificate to ExcelTest@seattleu.edu for BUAN-3150* credit if needed.

Taking the Excel Exam for BUAN-3150* class credit:

Taking the Exam Elsewhere:

  • You can take the Excel exam at any Certiport Testing Center - some testing centers will require you to purchase a voucher and may charge a proctoring fee for you to take the exam.
  • If you pass the exam outside of Seattle University, you need to provide your certificate to confirm you passed
  • If you take and pass the Excel exam at Seattle University, we’ll automatically report your score to your instructor.

Getting Credit for Your Class if You've Already Passed the Exam:

If you’re taking BUAN-3150* and already passed the exam, you don't have to take it again!

  • If you passed the Excel 2019 exam within the last year you can sign-in to Certiport website and add your instructor's Exam Group ID to your exam to get full credit.
  • If you took the exam more than a year ago, took it off-campus, or took the Excel 2016 or 365 exam and passed, you must email your certificate to ExcelTest@seattleu.edu to get full credit. 

*IS-3150 changed to BUAN-3150 as of July 1, 2024