Dear Students,

In times of grief, loss, stress, isolation, and uncertainty, please know that your Campus Ministers are here for you. We hope to be a supportive companion as you navigate life's challenges. If you would like to talk to one of us, simply click this link to the request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

~ Campus Ministry Team


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Embodying Faith and Justice

Rooted in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry serves a vibrantly diverse, yet inclusive community of Seattle University students committed to exploring, understanding, and deepening a faith that does justice in their lives.

Whatever your religious, secular, or spiritual identity and background, Campus Ministry provides an open and hospitable community to gather in friendship, conversation, discernment and understanding of what one’s purpose is in life. Opportunities abound – retreats, service, liturgy and worship, immersions, social justice education, reflection activities, etc.  All are welcome!

Embodying Faith and Justice

On A Mission

For a more just and humane world

Campus Ministry celebrates the gifts and talents of all our students and encourages each of you to use these talents in a way that builds up the communities to which you belong on campus and in the world.

The Campus Ministry Team is here to support and encourage you as we all join in asking life’s big questions together. We are here to share the joyful and challenging moments of life, and be conversation partners with you as you live your values on campus and beyond. We sincerely hope that you will engage your academic, social, and spiritual experience to its fullest. Come visit us in the Maguire Center for Campus Ministry on the first floor of the Student Center.