Give to Campus Ministry

Your contribution to Campus Ministry programming directly supports our students' faith-based experiences. For additional information or assistance please contact Gift Processing at 206-296-6100 or email


Campus Ministry has a variety of programs that have an ongoing impact on students' spiritual, personal, and ethical formation. Students grow in so many ways at Seattle University. From attending mass at the Chapel of St. Ignatius, to learning about one another an interfaith dinners, to identifying the intersections of faith and justice at St. James community kitchen. The Campus Ministry staff cares for each student as they grow in faith, and deepen their involvement in the world, service to God.

It is essential to the Jesuit Catholic tradition that our students explore the intersection of faith and justice and work to grow and integrate these into their lives to become people for others. Campus Ministry creates opportunities for learning about justice issues, engaging in community service, and growing as global citizens through immersion experiences. Just $250 will cover one student’s deposit for our immersions to Mexico or Appalachia!

Seattle University students have incredibly diverse ways to connect with one another for scripture study, faith sharing, and worship. Campus Ministry supports students of all Christian denominations and other faith backgrounds in their spiritual journeys, including supporting the Jewish Student Union and Muslim Student Association as they create community with one another and bring the beauty of their traditions to this Catholic campus.

Seattle University's beautiful and varied sacred spaces welcome students in the middle of their day to stop and pray, to join together in the warmth of worship, song, and prayer, as well as participate in the sacraments of the Catholic Church. Campus Ministry reaches out to support all students in their spiritual journeys, which are so diverse and transformational in the university setting.

Campus Ministry offers a variety of retreats for students from all faith backgrounds. From Ignatian Silent Retreats to Outdoor and Women's Retreats, we provide opportunities for all students to get out in nature, reflect, pray, and connect with one another. A $30 gift will cover one student's entire cost for most of our retreats!


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