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Leadership and Management

A well-known core value at Seattle University is emphasizing development of responsible leaders committed to the common good. To us, true leadership comes from knowing oneself, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We engage around whole persons and whole problems.

We offer diverse programs to explore your leadership with us at the graduate level:


Community Engagement

Seattle University has been an anchor in the First Hill community for almost 125 years, alongside health care providers, financial institutions, research organizations, residential living, and faith communities. Our award-winning Youth Initiative involves hundreds of our campus community actively engaging our immediate neighbors on many levels.

A number of our graduate programs aim toward building and advancing community:


Health Systems/ Helping Professions

Researchers predict nearly 30-50% of the future U.S. economy will be related to health care and associated helping professions. With the ageing of baby boomers, advances in medical technology, opening frontiers in telemedicine, increasing use of big data to improve patient outcomes, Seattle University is preparing students with advanced credentials, including graduate degrees and certificates addressing care in competent and just ways.

Our offerings in health and helping professions include:


Government and Nonprofit Service

Our students are often influenced by a strong tradition of volunteerism and public service at grass-root levels. Service to others is identified as a core value for many who choose us and a public or nonprofit career path with wide-ranging possibilities. Seattle University graduates are working in all levels of government and leading nonprofit organizations locally and globally.

Developing the skills and networks to align your avocation with your vocation is possible with our graduate programs in the following areas:

Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Social Innovation

Our social innovations are inspired by 450 years of the Jesuit traditions of engagement and social justice. Our alumni, faculty and students are engaged in change-making from local to global levels. Seattle is one of America’s most innovative cities, fertile ground for the arts, computing, social media, and the next ground-breaking business venture.

Here are some of the areas of graduate study that can shape your path as an agent of change: