Health and Personal Wellness

In keeping with the Jesuit philosophy of care for the whole person, Seattle University employs a large team of professionals specifically dedicated to helping you maintain your physical and emotional health and overall sense of well-being. We work with you to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits that will foster your success at the university and also serve you well throughout life.

University Recreation

Redhawk Center/Eisiminger Fitness Center; 550 14th Ave; 206-296-6441

University Recreation is a center for community and connection that empowers all to live happier and healthier lives. Enjoy a variety of activities all centered on fun, fitness and personal development; many at no additional cost. Explore the Cascades, try a Cardio Dance class, grab a few friends for an Outdoor Volleyball league or go for a swim. The REC provides programming that fits into your life, interests, and needs.

Wellness and Health Promotion

Student Center 380; 206-296-2593

The Office for Wellness and Health Promotion along with the student based Health and Wellness Crew (also known as HAWC) promote good health practices through education, prevention, and peer support. Their goal is to enhance student health and well-being. At Seattle University, we strive to educate the whole person; to that end, at the Office for Wellness and Health Promotion, we see health and wellness holistically... Which means that there is more to being healthy than eating right and exercising!

Student Health Center

Bellarmine 108; 206-296-6300


During Academic Year (August 15th - June 15th)
Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed
During Summer (June 15th - August 15th)
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Student Health Center (SHC) at Seattle University (SU) focuses on enhancing levels of wellness and empowering students to be self-directed in their own care. In addition, the SHC utilizes the unique window of opportunity to promote lifelong healthy life-style behaviors.

The SHC provides primary care to all enrolled students. The SHC is staffed by Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioners and Medical Assistants. The Student Health Center provides the following specific services: wellness physicals, women's annual exams, diagnosis and treatment of acute illness, management of chronic medical problems, treatment of injuries, treatment of skin problems, STD and pregnancy testing, medication management for depression, immunizations, allergy shots, eating disorder management, laboratory services, and medical supplies.

Consultation and treatment for various health care needs are provided at with a $5.00 administrative fee per visit. A small fee is charged for services requiring laboratory testing and prescription medications are available at a minimal cost. The Student Health Center also provides most immunizations to students at cost. All services are confidential and no information is released without student permission, unless required by law.

Same day or next day appointments are available for urgent health concerns. Please stop by or call for an appointment.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Pigott Pavilion for Leadership 120; 206-296-6090 

CAPS provides time-limited group and individual psychotherapy for students and referral services for those requiring specialized or longer term care. Services are provided by licensed psychologists.  Students seek counseling and psychological services for a wide variety of reasons, including anxiety; depression; life crises; identity issues; relationship concerns; difficulty with loss or other life transitions; sexuality choices and concerns; problems related to alcohol or drug use, as well as many other issues of concern. We treat each student with sensitivity, providing affirmative therapy that values diversity and respects the individual.  CAPS is committed to helping students meet the challenges of life during college, graduate and professional school by encouraging healthy personal choices and balanced perspectives.

Clinical services are confidential and free to currently enrolled students.  Continuous students are eligible over summer quarter if they were enrolled for the prior spring and are enrolled for the following fall term For students seeking longer term therapy or other specialized mental health services, we provide referrals to providers in the community. Faculty, staff, university administrators and parents/families may consult with CAPS' professionals when concerned about the well-being of a student or a campus mental health issue. In addition, CAPS provides psychoeducational programs to the campus as well as many web, print and other informational resources. Please visit our website, call or stop by for more information.

At Seattle University, the commitment to "put the good of students first" includes your intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness.