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Writing Center


What does it take to be a Consultant at the Writing Center?

Job Description

Consultants fulfill three primary roles: (1) consultant, (2) Writing Center representative, and (3) committee member. Each quarter, consultants are scheduled for a certain number of hours per week, the majority of which will be spent consulting with writers, observing other sessions, and otherwise developing their consulting skills. In addition, consultants are expected to represent the Writing Center as needed by answering the telephone, visiting classes, and demonstrating Writing Center services. Lastly, consultants will serve as committee members or committee chairs and complete the various administrative tasks defined by their committee.

Job Qualifications

This position requires a friendly, enthusiastic, and dedicated student who enjoys collaborating with diverse writers and staff members. Consultants should have a passion for writing and an appreciation for all phases of the writing process. While working with writers, consultants must display good listening skills, positive body language, and a friendly attitude. Further, consultants should be as dedicated to their own learning as they are to serving writers; the position calls for self-starters who are actively committed to their own professional development as well as to the development of the Center. Preference in hiring is given to capable applicants who have previously used the Writing Center and will bring diversity to our current staff.  

Interested in working as a Consultant? 

We accept applications every spring for consultants to start in the fall.

Considered professionals in training, new undergraduate consultants enroll in English 3090: Tutoring Writing: Theory and Practice during their first fall quarter on staff. This 5-credit course engages consultants in the professional scholarship of rhetoric and composition, culminating in a research project focusing on a particular learning or writing issue or question the student wishes to engage more deeply. 

Graduate consultants train with the Assistant Director and participate in ongoing observations, discussions, staff meetings, and research. All consultants actively participate in professional organizations and attend and present their work at conferences, with some projects achieving publication.  

To Apply

Click here to view the Writing Center Consultant application. Applications are due 3 April, 2017. References are due 7 April, 2017.

If you have any questions, contact the Associate Director

What does it take to be an Office Assistant at the Writing Center?

Job Description

The Writing Center Office Assistant is responsible for reception duties as follows: greeting clients, scheduling appointments, referring clients who arrive for appointments to the consultant they are scheduled to work with, answering the phone, and otherwise referring clients to appropriate campus resources. When not busy with office duties, this person will cover various administrative duties as needed and assigned by the director, to include data entry.

Job Qualifications

This position requires a self-starting individual who is friendly, dependable, service-oriented, patient, and good humored. They must be able to provide clear and courteous information about the Writing Center while remaining friendly with students who may be stressed or confused when they request our services. Further, applicants should be interested in the work of the Writing Center. Preference in hiring is given to capable applicants who have previously used the Writing Center, will bring diversity to our current staff, and eventually might wish to work as a writing consultant.

Interested in working as an Office Assistant?

Email the Writing Center Associate Director to find out if any positions are available.