Online Consultations

Online Consultations

You are welcome to choose either an asynchronous consultation (by clicking e-tutoring appointment and uploading your file) or a synchronous consultation where you have a virtual meeting with a consultant.

How Do I Choose?

We recommend using the synchronous meeting (audio/video & chat) in the early stages of your writing project for brainstorming and planning, or for a consultation where you feel the need for a back and forth discussion. We recommend using the asynchronous (e-tutoring) option where you submit a draft with questions, for later stages of your writing process when you have a complete or near complete draft of your paper. However, these are general guidelines. You are welcome to choose whichever type of consultation you prefer.

Steps to Access Online Services:

Make an account on if you don’t already have one.

When you log in the schedule, you’ll see the available blank spaces. Choose an appointment slot and identify which type of consultation you request. Please note that for the asynchronous consultation, you don’t have to be available during that hour, you will need to upload the document that you’d like the consultant to read. Your reserved hour is the time where the consultant will read your paper and provide feedback. The feedback will be available at the end of that hour and you will be notified via email when the document is ready. 

  • E-tutoring: Submit your Draft (Asynchronous)
    • Submit a draft of an assignment on WC Online
    • Be sure to include the prompt and a description of the questions you have and what you would like the consultant to focus on.
    • Consultant will leave written comments on draft and attach to the appointment slot – client will be notified via email
    • To create an online appointment, select "Yes. Schedule E-tutoring appointment"
    • You MUST attach your draft to the appointment in order to receive feedback.
  • Online: Virtual (Synchronous)
    • Client & consultant video chat (or text chat) for up to one hour as they work on the assignment with a shared screen viewing the paper.
    • To schedule a virtual consultation, select "Yes. Schedule Online Appointment"
    • Log-in to your appointment at the scheduled time by clicking on your appointment slot and clicking "Start or join online consultation"

WCOnline Tutorial (PDF)