Seattle U Lingo

Seattle U Lingo

It's time to bring out your inner Redhawk and learn the SU lingo! As a new member of the SU community, you will be learning a lot about SU over the next several years. We hope that this list of words and terms used every day by members of the SU community can help you fit right in!

If you have any additions to this list, we welcome them!  Please email with your updates and suggestions!

Academic Advisor - faculty or professional staff who help with educational planning

Area Coordinator (AC) - full-time, live-in professional staff member in the residence halls

Assistant Area Coordinator (AAC) - part-time, live-in professional staff member in the residence halls who assists the Area Coordinators

Bell - Short for Bellarmine Hall

The Bistro - Short for the "Hawks Nest Bistro," this is an eatery on the Student Center third floor

The Bottom Line (TBL) - food counter at Pigott Atrium

The Byte - café in the Library 

C Street (Cherry St. Market) – The main eatery in the Student Center, officially Cherry Street Market 

Camp - shortened version of Campion Hall (i.e. Camp Ballroom) 

Camp Min - Campus Ministry: encourages students to explore faith and life’s big questions.  Open to all students.

Cap Hill - Capitol Hill.  The neighborhood surrounding and north of campus

CAPS - Counseling & Psychological Services.  Time-limited individual and group counseling and referrals.

CCE - The Sundborg Center for Community Engagement: main entry point for students, faculty and staff who want to engage in the local community 

The CD - the Central District neighborhood of Seattle, located east of campus 

CES - Conference and Events Services, where clubs can go to reserve meeting and event space

The Chapel - Chapel of St. Ignatius 

Collegia (Plural)/Collegium (singular) - a “home away from home” space for commuter and transfer students

ConnectSU - An online warehouse of campus clubs and events, available at ConnectSU

The Core - A four-module, multi-discipline curriculum for all students in addition to their major

CLP - Connections Leadership Program, a pre-orientation program offered in the Fall quarter by the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)

CSI - Center for Student Involvement: student activities, student government, student leadership, student clubs

DA - Desk Assistant at one of the residence hall desks 

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Fall Ball - SEAC's annual fall dance held at one of Seattle's attractions 

Fall Welcome - academic and social programs orienting new undergrads in September

Family Weekend - Annual opportunity for families and supporters to visit and experience campus with their student

GSC - Graduate Student Council serves as the graduate student government, advocating on behalf of that community

Handshake - online career development platform used by Career Engagement includes on/off campus job searches, resume support, career counseling, interview help, and more 

HAWC – Health and Wellness Crew.  Wellness peer educators

Homecoming -  A campus-wide celebration packed with a series of events and programs for all Redhawks to enjoy

Hub Desk - The information desk on the first floor of the Student Center.  Check out Orca Passes, rent lockers, event ticket sales

The ID - The International District, local historic neighborhood with various Asian restaurants, groceries, and shops 

iLead – annual student leadership conference on campus

International Dinner - International Student Center's annual event celebrates cultures from around the world

ISC - International Student Center, located in Pigott Pavilion 

KXSU - SU’s radio station with student DJs

mySeattleU - student on-line access to academic records, registration, financial aid, bills, student employment

NSR (New Student Retreat) - An opportunity for first-year students to get away mid-way through the first quarter to meet new people, reflect on the transition and have fun

OL (Orientation Leader) - Peer leader who helps new students transition to university life

Office Hours - an opportunity to talk with your professors to discuss questions you may have about your class or other related topics (usually announced in class and in your syllabus)

OMA – Office of Multicultural Affairs. Pavilion 180

ORCA Card - transportation card used across systems in the Seattle area 

Outreach Center - resource space for first-generation, student veterans, Student Center 110

Pavilion - officially the Pigott Pavilion, location for offices like OMA, CAPS, Career Engagement, ISC, Education Abroad, Super Copy, and more. Not to be confused with the Pigott Building!

Pigott - Pigott Building, location of a lot of classrooms and the Albers School of Business. Not to be confused with the Pigott Pavilion (aka the Pavilion)! 

Pill Hill - Nick name for the area surrounding the university because of the many hospitals and medical facilities nearby

PSafe - Department of Public Safety (DPS).  Staff are on campus 24/7.

The Quad - The Quad is located in the heart of campus. During the warmer months, the Quad is a great for shows, fairs, and other large, outdoor gatherings

Quadstock - annual spring music festival sponsored by SEAC

RA (Resident Assistant) – student staff member on floors in the residence halls.   Help build community

RedhawkTHON - Student philanthropy organization raising money for Seattle Children's Hospital 

Redhawk Center - the campus Athletic and Recreation complex

Redhawk Service Center - co-located resources of the Registrar’s Office and Student Financial Services

Redzone - campus spirit organization

Rudy the Redhawk - SU mascot

SEAC - Student Events and Activities Council.  Major student programming body on campus.  Plans large scale signature programs and off campus excursions.

Search - a retreat sponsored by Campus Ministry focused on self-discovery in the context of community.

SGSU - Student Government of Seattle University

Upper/Lower Mall – the main North/South walking thoroughfares through campus.

UREC - University Recreation: Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, work out space/Group Fitness classes, Aquatics facility/lessons, Outdoor activities.