Offices and Departments

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Academic Affairs

Phone: +

Admissions Office

Phone: +1-206-220-8040

Advancement Services

Phone: +


Location: Casey 420
Phone: 206-296-2487

Albers Career and Placement Center

Location: Pigott 331
Phone: 206-296-5687

Career services for undergraduates, graduates, and alumni of Albers School of Business and Economics

Albers School of Business and Economics

Location: Pigott Building
Phone: +1-206-296-5700

Annual Giving

Location: Administration Building 120
Phone: +


Phone: 206-296-6000

Visit for more information.

Bellarmine Advising Center

Location: Bellarmine Hall 111
Phone: 1-206-296-2260


Location: Bannan 150
Phone: (206) 296-5490

The Department of Biology is in the College of Science and Engineering.

Campus Store

Phone: +1.206.325.6002

Career Engagement Office

Phone: +

Center for Community Engagement

Phone: +

Center for Digital Learning and Innovation

Location: James C. Pigott Pavilion, Lower Level, Room 050
Phone: (206) 296-5456

Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Location: Hunthausen (HUNT) 122
Phone: +

Center for Faculty Development

Location: 120 Hunthausen Hall
Phone: +1-206-296-2144

Center For Jesuit Education

Phone: +

Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs

Location: Hunthausen Hall
Phone: 206-296-6954

Center for Student Involvement

Location: STCN 350 & 360
Phone: +1-206-296-6465

Chemistry Department

Location: Bannan 516
Phone: (206) 296-5950

The Department of Chemistry is in the College of Science and Engineering.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Location: Engineering 525
Phone: (206) 296-5520

The department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is in the College of Science and Engineering

College of Arts and Sciences

Location: Casey 110
Phone: +

College of Education

Phone: (206) 296-5760

College of Nursing

Phone: +


Phone: +

Computer Science

Location: EGRN 509
Phone: (206) 296-5510

Computer Science

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Location: ENGR 526
Phone: +

The Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) program is in the College of Science and Engineering.

Conference and Event Services

Phone: +1-206-296-5620

Controller's Office

Phone: +

Counseling and Psychological Services

Phone: +

Dean of Students

Location: Hours: 8:30 - 5:00
Phone: +

Department of Accounting

Location: Pigott Building
Phone: (206) 296-5690

Department of Economics

Location: Pigott Building
Phone: (206) 296-2540

Department of Finance

Location: Pigott Building
Phone: (206) 296-2540

Department of Management

Location: Pigott Building
Phone: (206) 296-2514

Department of Marketing

Location: Pigott Building
Phone: (206) 296-2514

Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Location: Casey 230
Phone: 206-296-5327

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Phone: (206) 296-5960

The department of Diagnostic Ultrasound will become a member of the College of Nursing on July 1, 2017.

Disability Services

Phone: +

Education Abroad Office

Location: Pavilion 124
Phone: +1-206-296-2226

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Location: Bannan 209
Phone: (206) 296-5970

The department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is in the College of Science and Engineering

English Language Learning Center

Location: Admin Building, South Wing, Room 131
Phone: +1.206-296-6064

Environmental Health and Safety

Phone: +

Facilities Services

Phone: 206-296-6996

Faculty Ombudsperson

Phone: +1-206-296-5898

Faith and the Great Ideas

Phone: +1-206-398-4615

Finance and Business Affairs

Location: Administration Building
Phone: 206-296-6150

General Science

Location: Engineering 602
Phone: (206) 296-5591

The department of General Science is in the College of Science and Engineering

Global Engagement

Phone: +1-206-220-8523

Graduate Admissions

Phone: +

Graduate Student Council

Phone: 206-296-6000

Grounds and Landscaping

Phone: +1-206-296-6440

Housing and Residence Life

Location: CAMP 100
Phone: +

Human Resources

Phone: +

Indigenous Peoples Institute

Location: Casey 508
Phone: 206.296.2235

Indigenous Peoples Institute

Location: Xavier 160
Phone: 206-296-2235

Information Technology Services

Phone: +1 (206) 296-5571

Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture

Location: Lemieux Library 659
Phone: (206) 220-8270

Institute of Public Service

Location: Casey 210
Phone: 206-296-5440

Institutional Research

Phone: +1-206-296-2802

Institutional Review Board

Phone: +

International Admissions

Location: Vi Hilbert Hall
Phone: +1 206-296-5808

International Student Center

Location: PAVL P160
Phone: +

Kinesiology Department

Location: Casey 540
Phone: 206-296-2454

KXSU 102.1 FM

Location: Campion Hall 005
Phone: (206) 296-6987

Leadership Development

Location: PAVL 150
Phone: +

Learning Assistance

Location: Lemieux Library 2nd floor
Phone: +1-206-398-4450

Mailing Services

Location: Pavilion Building Room 040
Phone: 206-296-6199

MarCom Web Team

Location: O'Brien Center
Phone: 206-296-6354

Marketing Communications

Phone: 206-296-2104

Marketing Communications offers expertise in branding, communication strategy, media, internal and external affairs, web communications, social media, visual design and photography.

Mathematics Department

Location: Bannan 415
Phone: (206) 296-5930

Matteo Ricci Institute

Phone: +

Matteo Ricci Institute

Location: Casey 130
Phone: 206-296-5405

Mechanical Engineering

Location: Engineering 405A
Phone: (206) 296-5540

New Faculty Institute

Phone: +

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Location: Admin
Phone: +

Office of Fellowships

Phone: +

Office of Institutional Equity

Location: Loyola 300
Phone: (206) 296-2824

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Phone: +

Office of Sponsored Projects

Location: Hunthausen 120
Phone: +

Office of the President

Location: Administration Building, ADMN 109
Phone: 206-296-1891

Office of the Provost

Phone: +

Office of the Registrar

Phone: 206.220.8030

Office of University Counsel

Phone: +1-206-296-2043

Office of University Planning

Phone: +

Operations and Maintenance

Phone: +1 (206) 296-6996

Orientation Programs

Location: Student Center 320
Phone: 206-296-2525

Parent and Family Engagement

Location: STCN 320A
Phone: +

Payroll Office

Phone: +


Location: Bannan 209
Phone: (206) 296-5940

PreMajor Studies Program

Location: Bellarmine 111
Phone: +1-206-296-2260

Procurement Services

Phone: +1 (206) 296-6998

Professional and Continuing Education

Location: Loyola 514
Phone: 206-296-2147

Professionals Without Borders

Phone: +

Project Center

Location: ENGR 601
Phone: 206-296-2822

Public Safety

Phone: 206-296-5992

REACH for SUccess Project

Location: JEFF 401-K
Phone: +1 206-398-4605

Reprographic Services

Location: Pavilion 020
Phone: 206-296-6180

Residence Hall Association

Location: Campion 008
Phone: +

School of New and Continuing Studies

Location: School of Law Annex 240
Phone: (206) 296-5530

School of Theology and Ministry

Phone: +1-206-296-5330

Seattle University Alumni Association

Phone: +

Staff Council

Phone: +1 206-296-6000

Student Academic Services

Phone: +

Student Development

Location: STCN 140
Phone: +

Student Events & Activities Council

Location: STCN 350
Phone: +

Student Financial Services

Location: Vi Hilbert Hall, Redhawk Service Center
Phone: +1-206-220-8020

Student Government of Seattle University

Location: STCN 360
Phone: +

Student Success Priorities

Phone: 206-296-6000


Phone: +1-206-296-6117


Phone: +1-206-296-6430

Transportation and Parking Services

Phone: 206-296-5992

University Advancement

Location: Administration Building 120
Phone: 206-296-6110

University Budget Office

Phone: +

University Core

Location: Administration Building 120
Phone: 206-398-4400

University Planning

Location: Administration Building 133
Phone: +1-206-296-2809

The Office of University Planning supports the work of institutional planning, accreditation, institutional research, and technology services. 

University Recreation

Phone: +

University Summer Programs

Phone: +

Veterans Community

Phone: 206-296-6333

Wellness and Health Promotion

Location: Student Center 380
Phone: 206-296-2593

Writing Center

Phone: +

Youth Initiative

Phone: +