African and African American Studies Program

Our Program

The African and African American Studies Program works primarily from the African American experience outwards to the African Diaspora and, ultimately, the source-head of all things African: the African continent. Our program expands by focusing on the importance of the intellectual and cultural history of the global African presence in world affairs.

As an institutional citizen of Seattle and the larger northwest region, the African and African American Studies Program continues to deepen its positive impact on the state of general knowledge of the African American experience and that of the global African experience. Our goal is to make a difference in the education of the 21st century global citizens.

Minor, African and African American Studies

Designed to complement a major field of study, this minor helps to prepare students for employment in a variety of professional and nonprofit fields and for graduate studies in a number of disciplines.

We Share This Belief

John Henrik Clarke

"There is now a need for a global approach to Africana Studies, one that embraces the Africans in Africa, in North and South America, and in the Caribbean Islands who are just discovering that they are African people. Because history is both topical and ancient, and cannot be separated, there is no way to talk about Africana Studies without looking again at the roots of world history and the interplay among the histories of various peoples."

African American Historian and Professor

Student modeling at event with people surroundingIn addition to coursework, our department hosts conferences and presentations on topics ranging from "Race, Space, and Place" to the experiences of peoples of African descent in the Catholic Church. We partner with local organizations, including the Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas, Elliot Bay Book Company, Seattle Art Museum, and the Seattle Public Library.

Africa Day

Our annual celebration focuses on the Global African World and includes events for students, families, and the arts community.

Henry McGee Lecture Series

Our free, public lecture series feature presentations on the African, African American, Afro-Caribbean, Latin American, and other African diasporic experiences by leading academics from Seattle University, across the United States, and around the globe.

Town and Gown Lecture Series:

As part of our community outreach activities, we are committed to expanding relations with the City of Seattle and the community beyond it as well as to seeking to educate its campus community about that outside world, especially that component of it made up of African-descended peoples

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