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What are Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports are activities programmed by UREC to provide an opportunity for current students, faculty and staff to participate in organized recreational sports in a fun but somewhat competitive environment. Each quarter we offer several different league and tournament options so everyone can find a sport they are interested in participating in.  

What is the difference between a league, series and tournament?

Leagues: Each team will be scheduled to play one game on a set weekday each week for the duration of the regular season (usually 3-5 weeks in length). Teams will then have the option to end their season or participate in the post-season bracket. Bracket play may require teams to play more than once a week or even once a night and may take place on a night other than the regular season schedule. All intramural sports games typically last one hour or less.

Tournaments: Teams will play several games over a period of 1-3 days. Each tournament will consist of at least one pool play game and one tournament game for each team. Teams will need to be available for the entirety of the tournament in order to participate

Series: A series is a tournament broken into three set weekday competition days to make time commitments easier. Like tournaments, series will include pool play and at least one additional tournament game for each team. Series will span three weeks, with a champion being names at the end of the third week.

Is there a fee to play Intramural Sports?

No, all Intramural Sports leagues and tournaments are free to all students, staff and faculty.

How do I sign up a team to play Intramural Sports?

Registration for all Intramural Sports leagues and tournaments is found on the IMleagues site. To access this site visit https://urec.seattleu.edu/IMLeague and login with your Seattle University username and password. Then click the link to the IMleagues page. If you have registered for IMleagues in the past, you will be able to sign-up for any current sport. If you have never registered for IMleagues you will be prompted to create a profile. Once that is completed you will then be able to sign up for any current sports.

Most Intramural Sports sign-ups are done on a team basis, so you will need to make sure you have friends who are interested in playing with you. There is a minimum number of players required for each team which can be found by clicking the league name and reading the description. If you do not have enough players for a team please see the FAQ “How do I participate if I don’t have a team”.

To sign up a team click the green “Create Team” button within the league and division you wish to participate.

  1. For all leagues you will be required to pass a quiz on Intramural Sports policies and procedures as well as the basic rules of the sport you’re signing up for. You can find these answers easily by reading through the Intramural Sports Handbook and the rules for that specific sport. Both of these can be found on IMleagues under handbooks and manuals.
  2. TEAM NAMES MUST BE APPOPRIATE – inappropriate team names will be changed
  3. Invite teammates to join the team by clicking “Invite Members” on the team page

How do I participate if I don't have a team?

You are what we call a “free agent”. To join a team you can list yourself as a free agent on IMleagues and try to get picked up by a team looking to add players. You can also come out to the game sites the first week and ask teams if they need an extra player.

How many teams can I play on?

An individual may play on one co-rec team and one non co-rec team (i.e. Open, Men’s , Women’s) for each sport. Once you have played for a team you cannot switch to a different team.

What do I need to participate?

Required: All players must bring their Seattle University ID in order to participate. Closed toed, athletic shoes are required for all sports. All jewelry must be removed prior to participation. To participate in flag football leagues, shorts without pockets are required. 

Optional: Players may bring their own ball to practice with prior to the game. Teams may wear their own jerseys if they are all the same shade of color and have large, permanent numbers on them. Players may also bring additional legal equipment (shin guards, sunglasses, gloves (football or goalie), etc.) that they wish to wear while playing. All equipment is subject to inspection and/or a request for removal by Competitive Sports staff. Game balls and jerseys are provided on site for team use during their games.

When and where do games take place?

Most league games are played between 7pm-11pm on Mondays-Thursdays and on Sundays between 1pm-11pm.

Tournament game times vary but generally are scheduled between 7pm-11pm on Mondays-Thursdays, 3pm-9pm on Fridays, 9am-5pm on Saturdays, or 9am-11pm on Sundays. Specific times for each tournament can be found before signing up to participate

Games played outdoors will be located at SU Park (12th Ave and E Cherry Street) and games played indoors will be located at the Eisiminger Fitness Center/Redhawk Center (550 14th Ave)

What divisions are offered for Intramural Sports?

Four different divisions are offered for Intramural Sports (Open, Co-Rec, Men’s and Women’s). Participants may compete as whichever gender they identify with. Participation should be based on one’s self-identified gender and is done in good faith and is consistent with a player’s expressed gender identity. If a participant does not identify with a binary gender they will not be required to choose one to compete.

Open: Allows all participants to compete against each other. There are no gender restrictions, all participants are eligible.

Co-Rec: Allows male-identified and female-identified participants to compete on the same team. All participants are eligible but each team must have a minimum number of participants that identify with the binary genders.

Men’s: Allows participants who identify as males to compete against each other. All participants who identify as male are eligible.

Women’s: Allows participants who identify as females to compete against each other. All participants who identify as female are eligible.

Where can I find the rules for each sport?

Rules for each of the current sport offerings will be posted to IMleagues under “Handbooks”. It is strongly suggested each team member and especially the captain has a general understanding of the rules prior to participating.

Intramural Sports policies and procedures can be found in the Intramural Sports Handbook also found on IMleagues under “Handbooks”. 

What is a Forfeit and a Default?

Forfeits: A forfeit occurs when a team does not compete in a game they were scheduled for due to no-showing, not having the minimum required number of players, having an ineligible player compete or it being the team’s second default of the season.

The team captain will be required to pay a forfeit fee in order to reinstate the team prior to playoffs and a hold may be put onto their account due to non-payment.

Forfeit fees: help reduce the number of forfeits throughout a season and also make up for costs incurred during the scheduled time when the team forfeited.

Defaults: If the team captain knows 48 hours in advance that they will not be able to field a full team they may email CompetitiveSports@seattleu.edu with their team name and game information to request a default for the game. Defaulted games do not incur a forfeit fee and only one is allowed per team, per season.

What is the difference between Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs?

Intramural Sports are recreational in nature and do not require a large time commitment of participants. They are free to participate in and require no travel or practices. Teams compete against other Intramural Sports teams from Seattle University

Sport Clubs are student-led organizations designed to compete against other University club teams regionally and nationally. Most Sport Clubs practice 2-3 times a week year-round and travel on a regular basis. They are funded by UREC and through member dues and fundraising.

Students are allowed to participate in both Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs. However, there are roster limits for sport club members wishing to participate in an Intramural Sport that is similar to their sport club (i.e baseball club team and an intramural sports softball tournament). See sport specific rules for more details.

How do I become and Intramural Sports Official or Competitive Sports Manager?

Student officials are hired at the start of each quarter (Fall-Spring) for Intramural Sports. Officials must attend a training for each sports they are interested in working and pass a rules test and evaluation in order to be hired. It is encouraged but not required for officials to work all sports offerings for that quarter.

Competitive Sports Managers are hired internally on an annual basis. Typically, student officials who have worked at least one year for Intramural Sports are eligible candidates for the position.

All Competitive Sports employees are still eligible to participate in Intramural Sports and we often try to work around your game schedules.