Student Focused

  • UREC is committed to ensuring the student experience is positive and transformative. We lead with the students' needs first.


  • Recreation provides individuals the ability to connect with others and create meaningful relationships. We work to ensure all students and UREC members feel connected and that they belong.


  • UREC intentionally assess programs, policies, procedures and risk to ensure high quality experiences that align with Seattle University. 

Learning Focused

  • Our unique work environment provides the opportunity for students to put skills and education into practice. We focus on the personal and professional growth of our students.


  • UREC supports the mind, body and spirit through a variety of recreational programs that inspires joy and playfulness.  

At Seattle University Recreation, You Belong. Through our programs, services, facilities, and staff we strive to be intentional in supporting equity and inclusion. We work to create an accessible environment celebrating the diversity of our campus community.  

UREC is committed to on-going listening, learning, and un-learning. We actively question norms and embrace failing forward to support systemic change. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to address and combat racism, homophobia, ablism, antisemitism, xenophobia, misogyny, and discrimination in any form. UREC believes when people are not only included-but celebrated as their whole, authentic selves- we all can live happier, healthier, more successful lives. 

Below is a current list of all the ways we are working to ensure our communities belonging. These lists are comprised of our efforts to ensure safety and accessibility in our programs and facilities as well as provide programming details and what participants can expect from our UREC staff.

  • All fitness equipment is arranged to support ADA regulations. 
  • Our facility offers a ramp entrance, with an easily accessible elevator to enter the second floor. 
  • Hand ergometor features removable seat to support wheelchair entrance. 
  • All fitness equipment and exercise spaces in the Eisiminger Fitness Center are ADA accessible. 
  • All locker room showers support ADA use.
  • We also provide two, single occupancy gender neutral locker rooms.
  • We offer locker rental in the downstairs Gender Neutral locker room.
  • We require all participants to wear shirts that cover the entire torso through full range of motion. This policy is founded in the inclusion of all bodies. We recognize there are many barriers for folks in entering a fitness facility, our included, and we want all participants to be free of additional pressure to look a certain way when they enter our space. 
  • Staff are always available to support members needs or receive feedback from members.
  • Member Services staff are available to answer questions regarding membership, space usage, programmatic details and anything else members may need.
  • Facility Staff provide spotting during your strength activities (bench/chest press and shoulder press movements).
  • Staff ensure cleanliness of entire facility which includes the organization of the space as well as sanitation. 
  • Fitness programs are fiscally accessible to the UREC community.
  • Group Fitness classes are always free.
  • Free Goal Setting session with a Personal Trainer.
  • Personal Training, Small Group Training and Workshops are significantly more affordable than any other location in Seattle.
  • UREC offers free in-house training to become a certified Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer that follows the American Council on exercise national curriculum. 
  • We help participants feel like they have the required skills to perform safe physical activity on the strength floor, with specific programs designed to teach these skills.
  • All fitness staff are nationally certified and ensure all participants are moving in a way that feels good for their body and is safe.
  • Every Group Fitness Instructor plans their class with many different needs in mind. Each movement is always accompanied by 3 different ways to do that movement.
  • Participants level of intensity is always chosen by them and it is never required that they work at an intensity that is beyond their comfort level.
  • All required exercise equipment is provided.
  • All staff are trained to support all participants unique needs. 
  • All Intramural Sports are free to students, faculty and staff. 
  • We offer recreational leagues and promote playing for fun, so no participant should feel as though they need to be experienced in the sport to participate.
  • We offer Open Leagues which require no specific gender identity. 
  • Our Free Agent system allows participants to sign up and then be assigned to a team, with no required to find your team prior to signing up.  
  • All staff are trained to support the unique needs of participants. 
  • We offer a number of different trips that are adaptive. These trips are more accessible for students with physical and/or specific health accommodation needs.
  • We utilize a Level system for each trip, which designates its estimated skill or physical challenge. Allowing participants to choose the trip that is right their ability.
  • More than half of our trips are offered at All Levels or Level 1 
  • Over half of the trips are free, making them are fiscally accessible to all students.
  • We provide low-cost equipment rentals that make it easier to experience the outdoors.
  • The group is always kept together and/or includes a buddy system to ensure the safety of the group.
  • Leaders regularly check on each participant throughout the trip to ensure they are feeling good.
  • We use pacing systems for hiking trips, enabling everyone to call for a stop/break or to slow down. 
  • Human needs are a priority. We ensure everyone is dry, warm, fed, hydrated, etc. so that they can enjoy their experience. 
  • All teams allow any Seattle University student to participate. 
  • All teams do not hold try outs and allow any student to participate regardless of skill or experience level.
  • Nearly all teams will teach participants how to play each sport. It is not required that participants have previous experience in each sport.  

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