UREC has two 25-yard 6-lane pools. These pools are shared with a many other campus groups as well as SU Swim Team. We offer daily lap swim hours available to all UREC members. Pools are located on the 2nd floor of the Redhawk Center and include both a Men's and Women's locker room that each feature saunas.

3 students hanging onto the pool wall kicking

Summer Quarter Lap Swim Hours

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 10AM-1PM | Closed June 24-27, July 8-11 & July 15-18

Swim with UREC

Pool Safety

  • No running or diving in the pools
  • Avoid entering water while ill
  • Appropriate swimwear required (No street clothes or cotton based fabrics)
  • All youth must be under adult supervision

Lifeguard Requirement

  • Lifeguard must be present for all activities
  • Follow all lifeguard directions and instructions

Share the Space

Please be courteous of others in the pool. If sharing a lane, communicate about splitting the lane (2 swimmers per lane) and circle swimming (>swimmers per lane). Connect with a lifeguard for any questions or concerns about sharing a lane.