Student Consumer Information and Privacy Laws

As part of its compliance with the reporting requirements of federal consumer information regulations, Seattle University produces and delivers to students reports on a broad range of areas, including retention and graduation rates, campus security, student privacy, drug and alcohol issues, financial assistance and athletics. Links to these reports and to offices that produce them are below.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Annual Notification

This notification describes Seattle University's compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act and students' rights therein. For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (206)296-2000.

Student Right to Know Act

This report includes completion or graduation rates for the general student body as well as for student athletes receiving athletically related student aid. For more information, please contact Institutional Research at (206)296-6144.

Campus Crime Prevention Act

These reports disclose campus crime statistics as well as crime prevention policies on campus. For more information, please contact Public Safety at (206)296-5990.

Equity in Athletics Act

This report makes students aware of Seattle University's commitment to providing equitable athletic opportunities for both male and female students. To view this report, please visit the Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool and search for Seattle University. For more information, please contact Athletics at (206) 296-5441.

Substance Abuse Policies and Prevention Handbook

The "Substance Abuse Policies and Prevention Handbook" describes substance abuse prevention information as well as campus drug abuse policies. For more information, please contact Student Development at (206) 296-6066.

Financial Assistance Information

Detailed information about the financial assistance available to students at Seattle University can be found at the Financial Aid website as well as in the Course Catalog. For more information, please contact Student Financial Services at (206)296-2000.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Federal regulations published in October of 2010 by the Secretary of Education require institutions to disclose to prospective students particular information regarding academic programs that qualify for Title IV federal student financial aid under the "gainful employment" provision. See a list of Gainful Employment Disclosures.