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New Program: Adult Swim Classes

UREC is proud to announce the addition of Adult Swim Classes!  We offer two different levels of instruction ranging from helping you become more comfortable in the water all the way up to proper technique advice provided by our own SU Swim Team members.  

Our New Swimmer Classes are focused around making you more at ease in any aquatic setting.  We'll start in the 4' deep West Pool and by the end of the session graduate up to the deeper East Pool.  Some of the skills addressed during these sessions will include becoming comfortable with your face in the water, different breathing techniques, floating on your front and back, completely submerging yourself, treading water and the basics of Freestyle.  Once you've become comfortable with these skills you'll graduate up to the Skilled Swimmer Classes that involve more advanced instruction from SU Swim Team Members.  The Skilled Swimmer Classes will address all four stroke techniques, jumping and diving from the side of the pool and different techniques of treading water and more.  Classes will be limited to 3 participants per instructor in order to provide quality interaction and instruction. Available to all SU community members age 16 and up.

Spring Quarter

1 week / 2 sessions total
April 5th - April 7th 
Students: $30.00
F/S/A: $40.00

3 week / 6 sessions total
April 5th - April 21st
Student: $81.00
F/S/A: $108.00

6 weeks / 12 sessions total
April 5th - May 12th 
Students: $144.00 
F/S/A: $192.00

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