Meet our ISC Global Ambassadors!

The Global Ambassador team is made of volunteer student leaders who help plan events for international students and the broader campus community. Meet our current group of Global Ambassadors, and connect with them at some of our events!

Photo of Gina Choi

Gina Choi

Major: BN Nursing

Global Ambassador

Hi all, my name is Gina Choi, and I have attended SU since Fall 2021.

Here is a little bit of background about me: I was born in Chicago, but I grew up in South Korea until high school. I speak Korean and English. Plus, I can understand and speak Japanese in moderate level. I came to the U.S. in 2019 and spent one year, and I went back to South Korea due to the Pandemic. Then, I came back here again to come to SU last year in September. My official two years to live in the U.S. is coming up. 

Even though I was born in the U.S., I was a totally foreigner. I am aware of the difficulties to adjust to a new culture and study with a different language. I always tell myself that it is totally natural thing to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and I would love to help you feel a little lighter for being in the new environment. This is the main reason that I became a global ambassador. Also, I love diverse cultures, and I am willing to learn many different aspects from people all around the world. When you see me, please say hi and ask me any question. Additionally, I am currently a BSN nursing student in a transfer cohort, so If you have interest or question about the nursing program let me know.

Welcome to SU! I am ready to meet you guys starting from this new academic year.

Photo of Twinkle Hingu

Twinkle Hingu

Major: MS Computer Science

Global Ambassador

Hi everyone! I’m Twinkle Hingu and I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. I did my undergrad in Information Technology.  Currently pursuing Masters program in Computer Science at Seattle University. I also have an absolute love for Bollywood and Kdramas. I enjoy traveling, cooking, hiking, and exploring new cultures. This summer, hiking and cycling have become my new favourite things to do on the weekends. 


In my free time I play board games, cook Indian Gujarati food, and explore the city. I enjoy meeting up with people, learning about different cultures, food, lifestyle. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Seattle University.  I can’t wait to meet you all.  

Photo of Sofia Marti

Sofia Marti

Major: Communication & Media

Global Ambassador

Hi my name is Sofía Marti and I’m a sophomore looking to graduate SU in 2024! I am from Spain but have been living in Colorado with my family for the past seven years. I was born in Holland and lived there for seven years moving then to Chile where I lived for four years. After that, I lived in Spain for a little bit and eventually moved to Colorado until coming to Seattle for college. I am pursuing a degree in Media & Communication with a specialization in Strategic Communication as well as a minor in Business Administration. Aside from being a global ambassador at the International Student Center, I am the Creative Director of SU’s Student Events and Activities Council (SEAC). I also work for Housing and Residence Life as a desk assistant and I host my own radio show on KXSU. 

When I’m not busy being involved on campus, I love going out to try new restaurants around Seattle. I enjoy listening and discovering new music, I love most genres. I also enjoy reading and writing as well as cooking so if you have any yummy recipes, send them my way! I’m so  excited to meet all of you and please know I am always here to support you and whatever you need!

Photo of Khadija Mohamed

Khadija Mohamed

Major: BA Pre-Major Studies

Global Ambassador

Hi guys! My name is Khadija Mohamed and I am a second-year pre-major student who is planning to major in STEM. I was born in Somalia and raised in Kenya. I move to the United States during my junior year of high school. It was hard on both me and my family and I had to adapt both academically and socially. When I got accepted to Seattle University it became a second home to me based on how supportive, encouraging and understanding the community was which I will make sure all of you feel the same way as well. 


My hobbies are cooking, running, watching movies, and finding new activities and locations to try! I have been cooking a lot and trying new recipes during the pandemic and it makes me very happy seeing my family and friends enjoy my cooking. I look forward to connecting with all of you and making the rest of our academic year filled with fun and happy memories!

Photo of Daniel Ruto

Daniel Ruto

Major: BS Finance

Global Ambassador

Hi, my name is Daniel Ruto. I am a graduate student pursuing a Master's in finance. Transitioning from a Kenyan university to Seattle U was a huge change for me. However, I believe SU truly was a good choice. There are many reasons why I love it here, and I will be happy to share them. I am a very free and open person, so do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything! I am an outdoorsy person passionate about community development. 


Photo of Vanesa Wie

Vanesa Wie

Major: BA Business Analytics in Marketing

Global Ambassador

Hello everyone! My name is Vanesa, and I am an international student from Indonesia. I am a fourth-year student who transferred from Green River College, where I earned an AA degree. I really value diversity and love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I am a huge dog lover, and just seeing a dog can make me super happy.

I enjoy hearing other people's stories and spending quality time with them as I can be closer and get to know them better. I'm very excited to meet all of you, and please don't hesitate to contact me or stop by the ISC office, where I am also a Desk Assistant. We are here to assist you, and please keep in mind that you are not alone. You have us!

Photo of Jiayang Wu

Jiayang Wu

Global Ambassador

Hi! My name is Jiayang Wu, now pursuing my master's degree of business analytics in Seattle University. I was born and raised in Changde Hunan, a small city in south China. I spent 18 years there till I graduated from high school, and then I went to Quanzhou Fujian for university. For my second and third years of university, I went to Ball State University for two years of study. I had a good time there, travelling to a lot of cities before and after covid. At the end of 2019, I visited Seattle and considered it as a part of my possible future after staying here for three days.

In my spare time, I love cooking, bakery, doing sports (swimming and running), and hanging out with friends sometimes. My dream for the near future is to travel to countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia for delicious local food after I achieve my financial independence. I hope you will have a great time studying in SU and be happy everyday here! Feel free to let us know if there is anything we can help you!