Global Ambassador Team

Meet our ISC Global Ambassadors!

The Global Ambassador team is made of volunteer student leaders who help plan events for international students and the broader campus community. Meet our current group of Global Ambassadors, and connect with them at some of our events!

Photo of Chloe Vo

Chloe Vo

Major: BA Business Analytics

Global Ambassador

Hi! My name is Phuc Vo, but I usually go by Chloe. I am from Vietnam, and I started studying abroad in the U.S. when I was 12. I spent my high school years in the South of the U.S., but I am happy to be on the West Coast now! I am currently pursuing a double major in Business Analytics and Finance at SU. 

I applied to become the Global Ambassador at the ISC because by being an international student myself, I know the struggles and worries that the new international students face when they first enter the country, so I want to be a support system that they can go to and ease their process of adapting to a new environment like college. 

In my free time, I usually like to hang out with friends, grab something yummy, paint/draw, journal, watch sunsets if I can, and binge-watch shows. Please reach out if you ever want to talk and be friends :) I look forward to being a part of ISC Staff this year and get to know you all!

Photo of Joy Chiao-Yu Kung

Joy Chiao-Yu Kung

Major: BA Business Economics & Business Analytics

Global Ambassador

Hello, my name is Chiao Yu Kung, and I go by Joy. I was born and raised in Taiwan for eighteen years before I came to the U.S. to pursue my bachelor's degree in 2017. Tainan is where I call home, it's located in the southern area of the island and is known for traditional Taiwanese cuisine. I can speak Mandarin, English, Taiwanese Hokkien and can understand a little Japanese and Cantonese.

I transferred to SU from Seattle Central College in 2019 and am currently a fourth-year Business ECON and Business analytics major. In the future, I would like to build my career in the international logistics and data analytics relates fields.

In my spare time, you can find me strolling around the philosophy and cookbook section at Seattle's local book store, visiting modern art exhibitions, and collecting my own foodie map wherever I go. I also play volleyball and go outdoor jogging if I can find partners to go with.

I am looking forward to work as a Global Ambassador at ISC and meeting new people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. Please feel free to reach out to me @Kung, Chiao Yu. :) 

Photo of Odessa Savoy

Odessa Savoy

Major: BA Cultural & Linguistic Anthropology

Global Ambassador

Hello everyone! I am Odessa Savoy and I use she/her/hers pronouns. As of right now, Seattle is my home. I am originally from Eastern Oregon, but my family is originally from Greece and Italy. This year I will be a senior studying cultural and linguistic anthropology with a focus on Eastern Asian studies, and I am minoring in theology and religious studies with a specialization in world religions. 

After graduation, I hope to be able to either find an internship or go to Australia for my master's degree where I can work in Thailand with the Hill Tribe. I also have an absolute love for Bollywood and Kdramas, but also all things boba! If you ever need any boba recommendations, I have an entire list of ranked spots that I have visited around Seattle. 

Photo of Prasantik Ghosh

Prasantik Ghosh

Major: MS Finance

Global Ambassador

Hi my name is Prasantik Ghosh and I joined SU in Fall 2020. I am from India, the same place where I had a undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. I came to US first in 2019 to start my Masters Program in Finance at the University of South Florida. After an year later, in the middle of pandemic I decided to take a transfer to Seattle Univerisity. I am currently holding a position as a Global Ambassador with the International Student Council at Seattle U. Apart from this I am also the Director of Procurements at the RedhawkThon in association with the Children's Miracle Network and the Seattle Childrens Hospital. I will also be joining as an Equity Analyst with the Redhawk Fund and wish to see myself pursuing a successful career in Investment Banking. 

In my free time, I like to venture around Capitol Hill and try out the different bakery spots at Fremont. I love to couchsurf and look forward to have a great year with all of you guys. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to clear your doubts and make your stay at Seattle University memorable. 

Photo of Shravya Komarla Ramesh

Shravya Komarla Ramesh

Major: MS Accounting & Analytics

Global Ambassador

Hello! I am Shravya Komarla Ramesh. I was born and brought up in Bengaluru, India. After getting married I moved to Seattle with my husband. It was my first time out the country. Although I was nervous about the move initially, it has helped me immensely to discover myself.  

I completed my under graduation in Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and currently pursuing Master of Science in Accounting and Analytics at Seattle University. I have always been a sports enthusiast. I enjoy watching tennis and cricket the most. After coming to the US, I have started following NBA and American football. As any true Seattleite, hiking and cycling have become my new favorite things to do on the weekends. I crave South Indian food especially Masala Dosa. I enjoy cooking Indian food and painting landscapes at my leisure. Lately, I have taken to painting iconic spots at various national parks in the US like the Angels landing at Zion and Yosemite Valley. 

I am excited to be a part of the Global Ambassador team and can’t wait to meet you all.  

Photo of Sofiya Koretskaya

Sofiya Koretskaya

Major: MS Business Analytics

Global Ambassador

Hi there, or “privet” in russian! My name is Sofiya - you can call me Sophie :) I’m one of the Global Ambassadors for ISC and a SPRC at the Research Services in Lemieux Library! 

I was born and grew up in Almaty, Kazakhstan, then moved to Seattle after high school. I’m already finished with my undergraduate degree in Marketing and Global business and now pursuing Business Analytics as a graduate degree! In the future, I’d love to work on the marketing research team for Starbucks or Nike. Big data and it’s connection to customer experience fascinates me. 

Fun fact - my native language is Russian, and I’m fluent in English. In my free time I love to cook, explore the city and try new coffee spots. Speaking of coffee, it’s one of the things I’m very passionate about, so if you’re a fellow coffee bean, let’s talk!! (Did you know SU has its very own coffee company?) Welcome to Seattle University and ISC and I’m so excited to meet and get to know you better!!