You Belong

We are excited to announce our new campaign: You Belong. In this campaign, we will highlight our efforts to create a more inclusive space where our members can feel like their most confident self when they participate with UREC. Throughout the duration of this campaign and beyond, we hope that our members will see UREC as a space where everyone feels accepted, included and has a sense of belonging.

Here is a current list of ways we are working to ensure our communities belonging. These lists are comprised of our efforts to ensure safety and accessibility in our programs and facilities as well as provide programming details and what participants can expect from our UREC staff.

Share your feedback with us!

UREC is committed to inclusion and recognize we have room to grow. Please share your personal feedback regarding how we can be more inclusive.

"UREC has supported me in the past five years through basketball, Intramural [Sports] and personal development. Without UREC I don't know how my university experience would have been possible."

Student Participant