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Support Resources

What is the difference between confidential and private?

Privacy concerns are often at the forefront when someone has experienced sexual misconduct. It is useful to know the degree of confidentiality that individuals can expect from each of the University resources.

Resources identified as “confidential” will not share any information without your informed, written consent, unless there is an imminent risk of harm to self or others.

All other faculty and staff are expected to maintain information about sexual misconduct as extremely private, and to notify the University’s Title IX Coordinator who ensures that each individual is appropriately supported with resources and options that empower them to make informed decisions.

Please note this expectation extends to Resident Assistants (24/7), other Housing & Residence Life Student Employees (while working), and Public Safety Student Employees (while working); it is not required of any other student employees, student leaders, or student groups - including HAWC.

Students can always ask about an employee’s responsibilities before sharing information and have the right to speak only with confidential resources.