The late Fr. Patrick HowellRemembering and Celebrating Fr. Pat Howell in Gratitude

Funeral arrangements | There will be a vigil for Father Howell on Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m. in the Chapel of St. Ignatius. The viewing will begin at 3:30 p.m. with a short ritual to receive the body. A reception will follow the vigil in the Stuart T. Rolfe Community Room. The funeral will take place the following day, Wednesday, Dec. 11, at 10 a.m. at St. James Cathedral (804 9th Ave.), followed by a reception on campus at Campion Hall.

As a way to honor his legacy, we invite those who are so moved to share a very brief remembrance (just a few sentences) of their gratitude for Fr. Howell by sending an e-mail to We will gather and post these contributions at “In Grateful Remembrance of Patrick Howell, S.J.,” between now and the funeral services and share them as well with the extended Howell family.


Interim Director


From Dr. Jeanette Rodriguez,

ICTC Interim Director:

“I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one. I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done.” - Afterglow

This short remembrance poem by Helen L. Marshall is how I imagine my friend and colleague Fr. Pat Howell, SJ would want to be remembered. It’s an ideal eulogy poem for someone who has given unforgettable memories, love, and joy. Fr. Pat and I first met in 1990 when I came to SU.

He was/is the embodiment of the Spirit of Vatican II.

We sense that in losing him, we have lost not only the man but also his unique way of manifesting God. The voice that spoke of God, encouraged young Jesuits and lay collaborators, reminded us of the best of our Catholic Tradition, and offered comfort to people suffering from both inner and outer trials, has been silenced.

I wish to thank Fr. Pat, belatedly, for his life as a dedicated priest, friend, colleague, and godfather to my daughter Gabriella.

We will all miss Fr. Pat here, and we will rely on his continued help from the next life.


Fr. Howell and the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture

We are incredibly saddened by the passing of Fr. Pat Howell last Thursday. Fr. Howell drafted the initial proposal for the ICTC in 2007, and remained active in his support of the institution as a Distinguished Professor in Residence.

Pat Howell served as the Interim Director this past academic year with enthusiasm and dedication. He felt a particular calling to address the more recent sexual abuse revelations in the Catholic Church and facilitated campus discussions including a presentation on the history of the crisis that he shared across many parishes. All of this culminated in a spring lecture series on the topic and robust resources website, available here.

The ICTC staff enjoyed hearing about and helping out with the final edits of Fr. Howell’s book, Great Risks Had To Be Taken, published last spring. Fr. Howell gave a book reading in June at Elliott Bay Books, part of the STM “Search for Meaning” Empowerment Series. Along with completing his book, Fr. Howell loved writing his monthly letters for the ICTC E-News, and quickly gathered followers who looked forward to his insights each month. We’ve archived his letters on our website. This is a snapshot of the countless contributions that Fr. Howell made to the ICTC and Seattle University.

Last year’s staff gathered in June to celebrate our momentous year and send off members to new opportunities. Pictured, left to right: Fr. Peter Ely, SJ –Chair of the ICTC’s Interreligious Dialogue Initiative; Dr. Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos – Inaugural Director of the ICTC; Lucas Sharma, SJ – ICTC Research Fellow; Fr. Pat Howell, SJ – Interim Director; Jessica Palmer – Assistant Director; and Amber Larkin – Program Coordinator





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The Last Roshi

With Richard Kennedy, SJ
Fr Robert Kennedy is an American Jesuit and a Zen Buddhist teacher – a Roshi. 

Date: Thursday, January 23 
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