Mission and Goals

Effective July 1, 2023, the Division of Student Development will be renamed “Student & Campus Life”.  Our team and department websites will be updated with our new name in the coming months.

Our Mission

Student Development engages the holistic, Jesuit educational experience of all students by cultivating the knowledge, skills and values needed to be leaders and global citizens in a diverse and changing world.

Our Vision

The vision of the Division of Student Development is to help our students achieve success while at Seattle University and to empower them to lead extraordinary lives when they graduate.   

Strategic Goals

  • Creating High-Value Out-of-Classroom Student Experiences: Designing and implementing outstanding initiatives, programs, and services that connect students with one another and with the university
  • Educating and Preparing Students for a Changing and Diverse World: Developing students' knowledge, skills, and motivation to succeed on their university journey, in their careers, and in life
  • Operationalizing Students' Search for Meaning and Purpose: Building students' skills and habits for lifelong reflection and discernment
  • Responding to Changing Student Demographics: Consistently growing in our understanding of who our students are in all of their complex diversity
  • Integrating Effective and Adaptive Technologies: Pursuing opportunities through technology to be more effective, increase student access, and remove barriers