Class Descriptions

Get To Know our Classes 

We offer a number of Group Fitness classes. Watch the videos to see what the class experience is like.

Cardio Dance

This high-intensity, dance inspired, cardio class incorporates popular, upbeat music set to easy-to-follow dance moves from many different genres. The routines feature interval style training with a combination of fast and slow songs to vary the intensities throughout class. No dance experience necessary.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a fun and high-intensity cardio class that uses punches, kicks and athletic moves all set to music. No experience needed for this upbeat cardio workout!

Cardio Kick & Strength

This high intensity class combines the punches, kicks, and athletic moves of Cardio Kickboxing with full-body muscular strength and endurance exercises to provide a challenging, well-balanced workout. Great for those looking to improve their muscular strength and endurance as well as their cardiovascular fitness.


Take your workout to a whole new level with this treadmill based workout. This high energy class includes intervals of speed and hills and enhances cardiovascular endurance. Walkers and runners are all welcome.


Utilizing stationary bikes, this class simulates hills, flats and speed work all set to music and/or timed intervals in order to increase the heart rate. Great for outdoor cycling and fitness enthusiasts alike. All level welcomes 

Cycle & Strength

This combo class takes elements from our most popular classes in order to give you the best workout! Using the stationary bike to increase cardiovascular fitness through hill climbs, speed and flat roads, along with high intensity circuits and full body strength movements, this class delivers a well-balanced workout.

Cycle & Yoga

Combining two of our most popular formats, this class features the mind-body element of yoga and the cardiovascular benefits of cycling. Through the use of hills, flats and speed work on stationary bikes and standing and floor Yoga postures, this class is perfect for those looking to improve their overall fitness and mind-body wellness.

Strength & Conditioning

This more advanced, complete body workout mixes high-intensity interval training, strength training and speed and agility work to help you reach your fitness goals. Perfect for those looking to take their workout to the next level.

Lift 45

This class will help you strengthen all major muscles through full-body, compound movements, helping you move with ease in your everyday life. Set to upbeat music and done in a quick 45 minutes, this class is a mood booster! Perfect for new exercisers or those looking to take their workout to the next level. 

Yoga (Flow, Power & Mindful)

Mindful Yoga
This relaxing and gentle yoga class brings a strong focus of breath work and movement to create a mindful experience. Great for those new to yoga and those looking for a more meditative practice.

Yoga Flow
This style of yoga combines the breath, flexibility, both standing and floor postures and aims at connecting the mind, body and spirit. Great for new and experienced yogis. 

Power Yoga
This more advanced yoga class incorporates flowing sequences and dynamic standing postures to build strength and endurance. Breath work, flexibility and relaxation will also be incorporated in order to achieve a balanced practice. Great for those who have experienced yoga before.

Mat Pilates

This popular class incorporates core strengthening exercises coupled with breathing techniques that allow for a stronger and more functional body. Equipment is used to vary the exercises and intensity. All levels welcome. 

SU Strength 

This class will help you strengthen all major muscles through full body, compound movements. Helping you move with ease in your everyday life. Perfect for those looking to take their workout t to the next level. 


Join us for our heart pumping interval-based cardio class! In 30 minutes, we will get our bodies moving through a variety of cardio movements set into short intervals followed by short active recovery movements. No equipment needed! Our most intense cardio class. Great for those looking to take their cardio up a notch.

Full-Body Fit

Enjoy cardiovascular exercises mixed with full-body strength and endurance exercises to help you reach your fitness goals! Perfect for those looking to increase their strength and endurance.