Learning Assistance Programs

 Welcome to Learning Assistance Programs


Learning Assistance, a Learning Commons partner, includes the following programs:


  • Individual Consultations with a Learning Specialist

Individual sessions are provided for students who want to fine-tune their study approaches or to develop skills in a particular area. We conduct learning style assessments, recommend effective study skills, and coach students in applying proven academic strategies in their classes.

  • Tutoring Services

Learning Assistance Programs provide free peer tutoring for several math, science, business, language and nursing courses.  Our program is nationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

  • Learning Strategy Workshops

We offer interactive workshops on a variety of topics of interest to students, including sessions on time management, improving reading strategies, effective review and test-taking methods.

  • Group Study

Peer-led and coordinated with specific courses, in facilitated study groups students explore course concepts, practice problem solving, and learn study approaches in a collaborative setting. Language Conversation Groups are peer-led and focus on the practice of conversational speaking for various languages.