The outdoor program offers intentional outdoor recreational opportunities to the students of Seattle University, while enhancing leadership, building community, and caring for the local and broader spaces and places in which we recreate.


  • Develop responsible outdoor users through focused and dedicated curriculum, experiential learning, emphasizing a commitment to healthful outdoor recreation, and environmental stewardship

  • Promote an interest in outdoor recreation encouraging lifelong physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual development of our students

  • Provide inclusive opportunities for participants of all experience levels to foster community, especially for persons not regularly represented in the outdoors

  • Develop a community with a desire for outdoor education to develop life skills such as consciousness, respect, positive impact, and awareness of our surroundings

Top Reasons to Explore with Us:

(Re)Connecting with Nature: Getting outside improves your physical and mental health and has been shown to reduce stress

Make New Friends: Connect with friends both old and new

Enjoy new adventures: With a wide array of trips, clinics, and other events, the Outdoor Program is full of adventures to suit you

Go Cheap: Grounded in the belief that the outdoors are for all who wish to enjoy them, our programs are largely subsidized and many are free!

The Outdoor program has been in existence since 2008. Offering two interwoven experiences: a comprehensive outdoor program for participants and a leadership development program for student leaders.

Our Leaders:

Student leaders are extensively trained for their role in an experiential leadership development series. These folks lead all the trips and program for six activity areas: Bike, Climb, Service, Snow, Trail, Water.