Trip Policies


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Change or Cancellation of Trips

We reserve the right to change or cancel any trips or events. While we prefer to not cancel trips, poor weather, low registration, and other circumstances may result in cancellations. Registered participants will be notified and fully refunded in these cases.

Cancellations within Withdraw Window

Registered participants may withdraw up to 1 week before the trip without penalty. (Example: Trip leaves on 2/8, you must notify us by 2/1). Registered participants withdrawing after the window are not eligible for a refund.

No Show or Late Withdraw Policy

If you are unable to attend a trip that you have already registered for, please notify us as soon as possible. If you withdraw after the window or do not show on the day of the trip, you will forfeit your trip fee or be charged a $10 fee (for free trips). Additionally, you will be unable to register for future trips until this fee is paid. Exceptions can be made based on the discretion of the Assistant Director of Outdoors.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be granted after departure. No refunds will be granted based on participant dissatisfaction or incomplete excursions, as trips may be altered as necessitated by the conditions presented at the time.


Participant Expectations

Alcohol and Drugs: To foster a safe environment, there is a zero-tolerance policy while participating in UREC events, activities, and classes regarding the use of or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs not taken for a current medical condition.

Backcountry: UREC does not permit backcountry skiing or boarding at any time, by any persons affiliated with this group, while participating on a University sponsored trip. Infractions will mean immediate dismissal from the activity, exclusion from all future Outdoor programs, and will be subject to the Integrity Board of Conduct process.

Behavior: Any participant may be asked by the trip Leader(s) to adjust, alter, or discontinue any activity or behavior judged to be inappropriate, disruptive, or hazardous. Leaders have the right and the responsibility to regulate any individuals whom they consider a hazard to themselves or to others.

Lost/Late Person: Missing person search procedures will immediately initiate for anyone an hour late to the rendezvous.

  1. If you are late and know your location but are unable to reach the rendezvous on time, try to make contact with the Leader(s) as you make your way to the rendezvous and stay there until contact is made.
  2. If you are lost and in an unknown location, attempt to make contact with the Leader(s).  Be in as a visible a location as possible, stay in one place, and await rescue.

Medical Conditions: In order to provide appropriate care in case of an incident or medical emergency, participants must inform Leaders of any pertinent medical history, conditions, or prescription medication they possess or are using while on the trip.

Expectations: Violation of policy or law, intentional damage to equipment or environment, threat to self or others, and/or failure to abide by group expectations set by leaders, will result in various consequences that may include conduct sanctions, trip expulsion, and/or canceling the trip (at the individual’s expense).

Additional Participation Info

Trip Level Stats

of our trips are All levels or level 1 requiring little to no skill

Trip Costs

of our Trips are free

Plan an Adventure for Your Team

If you have a group that wants to get outside, we can help!  We will collaborate with you to design a trip that fits the needs and budget of your group. 

Outdoors Provide:

  • A Leader to help work out all logistics (location, group size, cost projections, meals, transportation, equipment, permits, and reservations)
  • Leaders are trained in risk management and incident response protocols, with a minimum of current Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED certifications.
  • We ensure the trip operates within best practices for quality, risk tolerance, and policy adherence.

Your Group is Responsible for: 

  • All costs associated with the activity (van rental, equipment rental, access fees such as lift tickets, lodging, meals, etc.), including expenses incurred for the Leader(s), if any.
  • Participant recruitment.

Getting Started:

  • All requests should be submitted the quarter prior to the trip to allow for planning.
  • Complete this form and include a rough idea of date(s), number of participants, and the activity you would prefer (bike, hike, overnight backpack, climb, snowshoe, etc.)
  • A Leader will set up an initial meeting to gather more information and further explain the process.
  • Once approved by the Assistant Director of Outdoors, a registration link will be created and provided for you and your participants, which includes a waiver and all pertinent information including meeting times, expected trip length, necessary equipment, etc.