The Coordinated Assistance & Resource Education Team (CARE Team) receives and responds to referrals from the campus community about students of concern.  The CARE Team connects students with on- and off-campus resources, consults with faculty and staff about how to respond to various concerns, and facilitates formal and informal outreach and check ins.  Services and resources are available for students who refer themselves or those who are referred to the Office of the Dean of Students by others.  

CARE Team referrals encompass a broad range of concerns, many of which are often independent of any behavioral concern about a student and/or indicate a lower-level concern that does not typically warrant an urgent intervention. Examples of non-behavioral referrals include the loss of a loved one, unusual financial difficulties, food or housing insecurity, feeling overwhelmed with the transition to college life, relationship and family concerns, short- or long-term illness or injury, and challenges getting involved and connected.

Other CARE Team referrals involve specific behavioral concerns, such as thoughts of suicide, severe emotional distress, disruptive behavior, drastic changes in mood, appearance, or behavior, or threats to the safety of the student or the campus community.  If you have information that indicates an immediate safety risk, please call the Department of Public Safety at 206-296-5911. 

To refer a student for CARE Team outreach, please use the Office of the Dean of Students online referral form. CARE Team referrals can also be made by contacting the Office of the Dean of Students directly at or 206-296-6060. CARE Team referrals can be submitted by a student, parent/guardian, faculty, staff, administrator, or anyone looking to assist a student.

All CARE Team outreach will be conducted with privacy and sensitivity.  At times, information may need to be shared with campus partners outside the Office of the Dean of Students; however, such information sharing will be done with extreme discretion.

The overall goal of the CARE Team is to provide support and resources for students so that they can ultimately be successful at the University and to cultivate a safe campus environment. Please submit a referral if you are unsure about whether the issue should be sent to the CARE Team.  We are here to help.