The Consultation, Assistance, Referral, and Education Team (CARE Team) assesses referrals from the campus community, facilitates communication, and initiates appropriate responses to specific behavioral concerns or short-term circumstances that may involve threats to the safety and security of the University community.

Note: This committee was formerly referred to as the "Students of Concern Committee", or "SOCC". 

Anyone can refer a student to the CARE Team, including faculty, staff, students, parents/families, and others who observe concerns or think that a student might benefit from additional resources and support.  Information submitted to the CARE Team will be treated confidentially. 

Some Concerns Commonly Referred to the CARE Team Include:

  • Short- and long-term illnesses that might disrupt attendance or academic performance;
  • Disruptive behavior on- or off-campus;
  • Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempt; 
  • Emotional distress or ongoing mental health concerns; 
  • Short- or long-term injuries or head injuries; 
  • Loss of a loved one; 
  • Food or housing insecurity; 
  • Relationship and roommate concerns;  
  • Changes in mood, appearance, or behavior;
  • Feeling isolated, lack of connectedness, or thoughts of leaving school. 

These examples are not all inclusive.  There is no such thing as over-referring, so please feel free to submit a referral if you are unsure about whether the issue should be sent to the CARE Team.  We are here to help.