The Consultation, Assistance, Referral, and Education Team (CARE Team) assesses referrals from the campus community about students of concern and initiates appropriate responses to specific behavioral concerns or short-term circumstances that may involve threats to the safety and security of the University community. Information submitted to the CARE Team will be treated confidentially. 

Examples of CARE Team Referrals:

  • Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempt; 
  • Short- and long-term illnesses that might disrupt attendance or academic performance;
  • Disruptive behavior on- or off-campus;
  • Emotional distress or ongoing mental health concerns; 
  • Short- or long-term injuries or head injuries; 
  • Loss of a loved one; 
  • Food or housing insecurity; 
  • Relationship and roommate concerns;  
  • Changes in mood, appearance, or behavior;
  • Feeling isolated, lack of connectedness, or thoughts of leaving school. 

The overall goal of the CARE Team is to provide support and resources for students so that they can ultimately be successful at the University and to cultivate a safe campus environment. Please submit a referral if you are unsure about whether the issue should be sent to the CARE Team.  We are here to help.