Intramural Sports

Current Intramural Sports



Participation is restricted to active Seattle University Students, Faculty and Staff.


Participants must bring their SU issued ID Card to all games. All participants must be on the team roster in order to play.


Shirts covering nipples through entire range of motion and closed-toed athletic shoes required. No jewelry is allowed to protect all participants from injury. All medical/religious medals are allowed: A religious medal must be taped and worn under the uniform. A medical alert medal must also be taped but can be visible.


Playing schedules will be set prior to the start of all leagues/tournaments. If participants need to reschedule, they can request a change of schedule by emailing the Competitive Sports staff with a minimum of 72 hours notice. Please note we cannot guarantee a schedule change. 


Default: Prior communication to Competitive Sports staff that the team/player will not attend a game.

Forfeit: Failure to attend a game with no prior communication to the Competitive Sports Staff

Defaults are to be submitted to Competitive Sports staff with a minimum of 24 hours notices before the scheduled game. Failure to make a game without notification will result in your team receiving a forfeit fee of $20.00 per game. Failure to pay this fee by the end of the season will disqualify your team from participation in the playoffs.