By law, ALL new or transfer international students must complete a series of new student check-in requirements, as a requirements of your student visa. Some of these requirements must be completed online, while others are in-person. Read below for more information.

Online Requirements:

Undergraduate & Graduate Students:

  1. Upload the following documents to your Admissions portal:
    • Passport Bio Page
    • Visa stamp
    • Complete the New International Student Info Form within the Admissions portal
  2. Complete New International Student Online Orientation Canvas course (invite will be sent to SU email address)
  3. Add a local (Seattle) & overseas (home) address to MySeattleU

Law Students only: Complete same items above, but instead of uploading documents to Admissions portal, email copy of passport, visa stamp, and completed New Student Information Sheet to 

In-Person Requirements:

  • Attend the in-person Welcome Workshop at the start of the quarter. Information will be sent out about date, time, and location a few weeks before the start of each quarter.

All students: About 2-3 weeks after classes have begun and you have uploaded/submitted your check-in documents, updated your addresses, completed the online Canvas course & attended the in-person welcome workshop, the ISC will issue you a Seattle University Continued Attendance I-20 valid for the duration of your program. 

Failure to complete these new student requirements could jeopardize your immigration status.