Faculty Feedback Service

NEW Service for Faculty: Writing Consultants’ Feedback on Assignment Prompts/Descriptions

Who Can Use the Service?

Faculty members who wish to receive student’s feedback on their writing prompts and assignment descriptions.

Our Goals

As students themselves and as consultants who support peers in unpacking writing assignments, writing consultants are well positioned to share the questions that emerge from reading those prompts and from working to clarify and respond to them.  Our hope is by taking up consultants’ questions about the assignment, the faculty member can better anticipate the questions that may come up for the students. We believe that this is especially valuable in an online context where so much of the casual conversations to clarify assignments can be missed.   

The goal here is by no means to make an assignment a “stand alone” that can be read and interpreted the same way by students who are taking a course and students who are not.  There are questions that might come up for the consultants that won’t be at all issues for students who are taking the class.  In which case, the faculty member can simply dismiss any comments they feel irrelevant to their students.   

Submission Process 

Faculty who are interested in feedback from a student perspective should fill out this form. The assignment is shared anonymously and read by two consultants who will respond to a list of questions regarding the clarity of the prompt, their process of addressing it, its evaluation, etc. In addition, we encourage faculty to share any specific questions they would like feedback on.  The consultants will then forward the feedback to the writing center director or assistant director who would synthesize and organize the feedback and provide a confidential response to the faculty member. We anticipate our response time to be five business days and we will adjust according to the demand.  

We hope that you find this new service helpful. If you have any questions or would like more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We also appreciate your suggestions, please email writingcenter@seattleu.edu. 

Feedback Focus

Writing consultants will provide feedback on their understanding of the assignment’s purpose, audience, main concepts, visual design, overall clarity, technical logistics about format requirements, submission protocol, evaluation criteria, etc. They will share their questions and suggestions from a student perspective.

You are welcome to request additional feedback regarding a specific aspect of the assignment by identifying it in the form.

If you would like to use our faculty feedback service, please fill out our Faculty Assignment Feedback Form!