The liberal arts: humanities, arts, behavioral & social sciences

Seattle University's largest college with 29 departments, we offer:

We provide programs and advising for:

David V. Powers, PhD

"Our quality liberal arts education allows you to not only master the tools and milieu of the 21st century, but to also lead the shaping of that environment from a position of creativity and critical thought, toward a greater good for all."

David V. Powers, PhD | Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

The liberal arts imbue our lives with richness and creativity

See, understand, and generate possibility both within and beyond yourself, your community, and our world.

College of Arts & Sciences academic programs involve you in:

  • cutting-edge knowledge and creativity,
  • local and international communities,
  • quality professional opportunities.

Grounded in the Catholic-Jesuit intellectual tradition and respectful of its vision of the human person, we prepare you for:

  • leadership,
  • spiritual growth,
  • responsible citizenship,
  • service.
2014 Study

“Whatever undergraduate major they may choose, students who pursue their major within the context of a broad liberal education substantially increase their likelihood of achieving long-term professional success."

2014 Study | AAC&U and the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems

The liberal arts lead to career success

Also from the 2014 study:

"93% of employers agree that candidates’ demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate major."

What else do employers seek that you will build through your liberal arts education?

75%: more emphasis on ethical decision making
81%: more emphasis on critical thinking and analytic reasoning
89%: more emphasis on written and oral communication

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    Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal

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    Fragments Literary Magazine

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    KXSU 102.1 FM

    Delivering great college radio with today's best music from every genre, the latest news and information about SU and other events and happenings.

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