Strategic Plan

How we are putting "Reigniting our Strategic Directions" into action.

Students working on project together

The College of Arts and Sciences plays a central role in Seattle University’s mission as a Jesuit university. Our pedagogical, scholarly and creative endeavors sharpen students’ ethical and critical thinking skills, ignite their imagination and creativity, and prepare them to lead justly and compassionately in a diverse and changing world. Our broad approach is based on the mission and values of the university.

We developed the College's Strategic Plan (PDF) through deep faculty and staff engagement, then selected 23 key target Initiatives that directly support the University's Strategic Directions while focusing our efforts on specific areas of strength and growth for the College of Arts and Sciences.

The target initiatives are grouped into five key areas:

  • Annual Review, Rank and Tenure
  • Curriculum
  • Social Justice Training
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Research and Professional Development Support

Strategic Action Committee for Inclusive Academic Excellence (SACIAE)

The SACIAE is the lead committee tasked with implementing the strategic plan, consisting of staff and faculty members from Arts and Sciences. We work in collaboration with the Leadership Committee for Intersectionality and Justice and other governance bodies in the college to make this a more inclusive place for staff, faculty, and students to thrive.

Committee Members


  • Heather Reis Fike
  • Darozyl Touch (co-chair)


  • Sonia Barrios Tinoco
  • Natalie Cisneros
  • Angelique Davis (co-chair)
  • Anne Farina
  • Sonora Jha
  • Christina Roberts (co-chair)
  • Sharon Suh