Your advisor will support you with educational planning resources and registration assistance. They can help you with decisions regarding your major or minor or consideration of double degrees versus double majors. If you are interested in Pre-Law, Pre-Education/Teaching and Pre-Health careers, Arts and Sciences Academic Advisors can help you plan for your educational and career path. 

What We Help With

We can help you review your Program Evaluation, understand the requirements for your degree, and plan for other opportunities that could be part of your educational experience.

Advisors can help you create an educational plan that includes your academic, personal, and professional goals, such as an additional major, minor, internship, study abroad, and more.

We can also help you explore course options, make changes to your schedule, review registration holds, and answer other questions related to registration.

Once you have chosen a study abroad program and been accepted to the program, advisors in the ASAC and the Education Abroad office can help talk you through the course approval process.

Advisors can assist you in planning, preparing, and applying for graduate or professional schools. We also offer Pre-Law, Pre-Education, and Pre-Health advising.

Our staff can explain university policies and procedures and assist you in completing various petitions and forms.

If you are considering adding or changing a major/minor, out staff can help you explore the requirements of various majors and minors offered at Seattle University 

Our advisors connect you with academic and specialized campus services necessary to achieve your educational goals and support your academic success. We work closely with students who are academically struggling and adjusting to Seattle University's academic rigor.

What Our Students Say

Arts and Sciences Student

"I have had a very positive experience working with my advisor and the other faculty in my majors. I truly wouldn't be nearly as prepared for life after college if not for this advisor/these professors and the guidance they have given me."