Pathways to Professional Formation

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to helping students through their lifetime journey of professional formation and discernment. We offer opportunities to deepen and broaden understanding of each student's professional identity.

Students and alumni at a mentoring event

Professional Formation

An ongoing journey of self-discovery to find one's life and purpose

The Student Experience

During your time in the College of Arts and Sciences, there will be many opportunities for you to explore where you want to take your life.

Our faculty and staff will help you navigate future personal and professional pathways.

Alumni are here to engage you in the broader community and organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.

The result? You, a graduate, empowered to lead a meaningful life of purpose.

Phoebe Kim standing in front of office windows
Phoebe Kim, Communication and Media, ’18, interned at Edelman, a leading global communications marketing firm.


Build Professional Skills, Gain Experience

Internships are appropriate for students of all majors and class years.

Internship Benefits

  • Broader perspective of your major
  • Explore the world of work
  • Experience different workplace cultures
  • Plan and organize programs or projects
  • Advance your work ethic and maturity
  • Foster connections to provide guidance and mentoring
  • Determine if a job or career is right for you
  • Develop skills and experiences for future employment
Students at annual networking event

LinkUp: Our Alumni and Student Networking and Community-Building Event

Each year in winter quarter, the College of Arts and Sciences hosts an informal event where Arts & Sciences undergraduate and graduate students meet alumni, discover shared interests, discuss professional plans and ideas, and learn from their experience. LinkUp happens towards the end of January which is also National Mentoring Month. 


I am here to help

Amy Lonn-O'Brien, MEd

Amy Lonn O'Brien in front of foliage